Did John Wayne wear a toupee?

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Hair loss is a problem that most male adults, including celebrities, face as they become older. It is not an embarrassing position but rather a natural one, similar to how everyone gets wrinkles. Hair loss isn't going to stop you from being the best version of yourself. There are various types of hair restoration products on the market today to help you regain your hair, the most successful and fastest of which is a toupee or hair system.

Men's toupees or hair replacements, unlike traditional wigs, have a fragile lace or mono-material foundation that looks exceptionally natural and can be secured to your head in a very stable fashion with professional adhesives.

Do celebrities wear toupees?

It's no surprise that celebrities wear toupees in real life. Thanks to recent enhancements, toupees are adaptable, unobtrusive, and highly lifelike in appearance! Many celebrities brought attention to toupees in the show business, where there is a lot of temptation to look your best. It's understandable! Natural hair may limit the adaptability, forms, and colors available with toupees. Some toupee users will be familiar to you, but others will go unnoticed for years.

Some celebs choose to wear hairpieces because they complement their outfits better. Some celebrities choose to wear toupees during plays, photographs, and performances. Celebrities don't always wear toupees because they're embarrassed about losing their hair. Some people wear them because they are afraid of being judged for their bald areas. They might consider all of the trolling they'd have to deal with both online and in person.

Celebrities are the most popular because of their attractiveness. You must have seen how frequently they changed their appearance. While many of us are still hesitant to purchase a hairpiece, some celebrities have been wearing them for years.

Celebrities are sure to have hair loss as a result of utilizing so many hairstyle products. Toupees and hairpieces are helpful in this situation. These celebrities can experiment with fresh styles thanks to toupees. Celebrities don't have to wait days to have their hair styled, treated, trimmed short, or colored. They have hairpieces that do the job for them.

Did John Wayne wear a toupee?

For some people, going bald is both natural and unavoidable. Even the most attractive men on the planet, such as actors and athletes, can get bald, and some of them prefer to use toupees or hair replacement devices to cover up their baldness.

It's a typical occurrence for famous men to lack a magnificent head of hair! Several notable actors, musicians, and athletes are claimed to wear toupees and hairpieces. Some of these well-known men have admitted to losing their hair, while others continue to deny it.

Most artists use make-up and hairpieces to enhance their appearance during their careers. They do so in order to appear more appealing and youthful. The problem is that not all of them are open to discussing hairpieces.

On the other hand, John Wayne is not included in that group. He never even tried to deny that he wore a toupee. When a reporter asked him about his fake hair, he responded it wasn't fake; it was natural hair. Of course, it isn't his, but it is genuine.

A unique dark brown toupee for John Wayne was discovered in 2013; it had been fashioned for an undisclosed MGM film. It was constructed of human hair, which was knotted one strand at a time to a lace mesh with silk bands on the inside to resemble a scalp. Studio wigs were specially made/fitted for the actor's head and hairline during the period.

John Wayne claimed that he committed it to Hollywood to wear the toupee while filming, but he was not ashamed to reveal his lack of hair when he returned home. He didn't mind if people saw him when he didn't have his toupee on. Wearing the toupee, he said, was like putting on Hollywood make-up. It was simply a part of his on-screen presence.

When did John Wayne start wearing a toupee?

In the 1940s, John Wayne's hair began to thin, and by the end of the decade, he had decided to start wearing a hairpiece. He was sometimes spotted without the hairpiece.

He was sporting a human hair toupee by 1950. He wasn't pretentious about it, and he overlooked the situation behind the scenes. Hundreds of family photoshoots or home recordings depicting a balding John Wayne lounging around or even out in public might be found. He did, however, disguise his baldness with a baseball cap or a hat most of the time. He appeared older and less like himself, John Wayne, without his hair system.

Wake of the Red Witch was the first film in which John Wayne wore a toupee. With the exception of one scene in The Wings of Eagles, he used hairpieces in every film after that. He portrayed the older Spig Wead, also known as Frank Wead, a naval aviation pioneer and screenwriter, in that way.

Wayne displayed his own bald head in the WWII era sequences, while the senior Spig Wead had a clearly bald head. His toupee got knocked off during combat scenes in both The Fighting Kentuckian and North to Alaska, and it went unnoticed until the films were released. In The Quiet Man, something identical happened, although his hat fell off after a punch, and he didn't have the hairpiece on his head.

The only film in which John Wayne purposefully displayed his naturally balding head was The Wings of an Eagle.


Wigs and hairpieces have grown commonplace, especially in the entertainment industry. While some celebrities have shaved their heads totally and accepted male pattern baldness, others continue to use wigs, hairpieces, hair systems, implants, and other methods to conceal the patches.

So, for those who didn't know, John Wayne wore a toupee in his movies; we've solved the enigma. John Wayne, who began wearing toupees in 1948, made no apologies for it. He did wear them, but he was never bothered about his lack of hair.


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