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John Ryan, mostly known for his stage name Jack Lord, was a successful actor, producer, and Broadway star of the 70s and 80s. Lord had a challenging journey, but the success that he earned, in the end, was worth it. From helping the United States in the Second World War to working as a car salesman, Lord never had it easy for him. He made his debut on Broadway as Slim Murphy in the 'The Traveling Lady' for which he won the Theatre World Award. After that, there was no looking back for this actor as he made his way right to the top. Lord was one of the most successful Broadway stars of that era, and after that, he became a part of some pretty big projects in Hollywood. These included 'The Red Menance,' 'James Bond,' 'Stoney Burke' and much more.

The Project That Sparked Rumors About Lord’s Hair:

In every successful actor's life, there is that one project that either turns their whole world upside down. Or it lifts their careers. For Jack Lord, that project was 'Hawaii Five-O.' Before starring in this show, Lord has turned down many amazing offers of some successful projects. So this show saved his career from down spiraling. Hawaii Five-O was also the show that gave Lord an appearance that everyone still remembers him by, even after eighteen years of his death.

In Hawaii Five-O, Lord starred as Detective Steve McGarrett, what made him famous in his role was his acting skills and, of course, the story. But another important thing was his dashing hairstyle. Lord was seen rocking luscious locks throughout the twelve seasons of the show. The way his hair complimented his overall look and character got many people wondering if the actor wore a hairpiece or not. 

The rumors about Lord wearing a hairpiece started when many people realized that the actor always wore a plantation hat. 

Were The Rumors About Jack Lord Wearing a Hairpiece True?

According to his co-stars, yes, Jack Lord did wear a hairpiece throughout that show. The actor, Glenn Cannon, who played the role of Attorney General on the show, confirmed this. When asked why Lord is seen wearing a plantation hat every time on the show. Cannon replied that it's to hide the thinning spot on the crown of his head because Jack Lord wears a hairpiece on the show. And Cannon is speaking the truth because he shared the same makeup and hair trailer as Jack Lord. 

However, others have guaranteed that the actor didn't wear a hairpiece at all. For instance, Dave Donnelly, who never had good relations with Lord. But he made minor appearances on Hawaii Five-O, said that he could assure this that Lord never wore a hairpiece for once. And that even though the actor had faced many downfalls in his life. He never for once faced any hair fall issues. Another Lord's co-star, James MacArthur, who played the role of Danno for eleven seasons, confirmed this too. 

Jack Lord's hairstylist, Cherie Huffman, is another person supporting this theory. Like others, Huffman claims that Jack Lord never wore a hairpiece. He just liked to keep his hair neat, which required heavy amounts of hair spray. The hair spray gave his hair the appearance of a toupee.

What Do Jack Lord’s Fans Have To Say This:

If there's anything else in this world whose mystery has remained unsolved, other than the Bermuda Triangle, it's Jack Lord's hair. No one to this date has ever been able to confirm the story behind the actor’s hair. His hairstylist and some co-stars claim that the actor never wore a hairpiece in his life. On the other hand, other co-stars and fans guarantee that the actor did wear a toupee.

Many fans of the show claim that the actor wore a toupee, which was prominent throughout the twelve seasons of the show. Fans also say that Lord wore a toupee not only on Hawaii Five-O but also in some of his films as well. And the reason why these fans are adamant that the actor wore a hairpiece is because his hair never flinched. Even when the wind blew past by, Lord's hair remained intact. One of the fans says that this might be due to the fact that the actor applied way too much hairspray. And even his hairstylist confirmed that Lord insisted his hair be styled that way. 

Fans say that if the actor didn't wear a hairpiece, then how come he was bald all through his old age. But it's also a possibility that his baldness may be a result of hair fall that most men experience as they get older.

Nonetheless, whatever the case scenario is, Jack Lord's hairstyles always complimented his look well. In each of his shows and films, the actor had a haircut that went according to his role.

The Bottom Line:

The answer to whether Jack Lord wore a hairpiece or not is still not known. But what could've happened is that the actor may have worn a partial toupee in some episodes of his show. The reason why it's not possible for Lord to have worn a hairpiece on the show is because every man in his family had a head full of hair. And since baldness in men comes through genetics. It's hard to believe that Lord wore a hairpiece during his time on the show to cover his baldness.


Whatever the real answer is to this quest. There's no denying the fact that Jack Lord was one outstanding actor. He dedicated his time and efforts to each of his shows. His work on every Broadway show, television series, and films shows that. His most famous project is Hawaii Five-O which became even more popular when every news outlet wanted to know about his natural hair. Hairpiece, or not, Jack Lord will always be remembered as one of the most handsome stars of his time. His films and television shows dominated the industry, and rightfully so!


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