Did Dean Martin Wear A Hairpiece

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The King of Cool, also known as Dean Martin, will forever be remembered as one of the greatest stars of the mid-20th century. It won't be wrong to say that Martin helped define comedy in Hollywood. Because of his talents, the comedy bar in Hollywood is this high today! The actor made his debut alongside Jerry Lewis, and the iconic duo was inseparable and unbeatable every time! The duo performed at various nightclubs before pursuing their solo careers. 

Along with being spectacular in acting and singing, the late singer was great with friendships. He was known to be friends with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, and together with them, he formed the Rat Pack. After many successful songs and performances, Martin starred in his very own show, 'The Dean Martin Show.' The show was entirely based on Martin's singing performances and skits.

Was the Actor Only Known for His Talents?

The Italian singer, actor, and comedian was not only known for his good looks and great performances but also his hair. And if someone has good hair in Hollywood. Then how can no one question whether the hair was natural or the actor used a hairpiece?

The actor's charm and wit were enough to attract a good audience before him. But what also contributed to his success was his luscious hair. An actor must have talent, great PI, and good looks in Hollywood to be widely popular. Lucky for Martin, he had all three! To be good-looking, great hair is essential, and Martin seemed to rock pretty amazing hair right till his death bed. He pretty much led the hair care business back in the 50s!

The Classic Hairstyles of Dean Martin:

Before he started starring in films, Martin’s stage name was Dino Martini. This gained him immense popularity among people, but he changed his name back to Dean Martin when he started doing films.

In the 40s and 50s, to have the hair be styled in the most fashionable cut ever was to copy Dean Martin basically. That's how famous his hairstyles have been throughout his career. The number one haircut famous in that era was the 'quiff,' and it all became famous due to Dean Martin. The quiff is a hairstyle that looks good on all ages of men. At that time, almost everyone, musicians, actors, and young boys, were seen wearing a quiff. The beauty of this haircut was that it could be styled with any hair length. And a number of other hairstyles could be made with it. The cut also had the potential to look great on anyone. Dean Martin introduced this hairstyle and blessed every man of that era with good styling options!

Apart from his acting and singing, Martin was known for his famous haircuts. The late comedian was seen wearing his hair short throughout his entire career. He never for once experimented with long hair. Martin looked so great in that cut that it was nick-named the 'Rat Pack' cut. He didn't only inspire many men of that era to copy his haircut, but he had the same influence on his friends too! His close friends Sammy Davis Junior and Frank Sinatra were seen rocking his haircut too.

Martin’s Haircuts are Still Famous Worldwide:

Even today, many people opt for the hairstyles that Martin rocked all his life. This tells how much of an influence he had over everyone. And how all of Hollywood went crazy for his locks every time. Martin was one of those stars who always styled his hair the same in his movies. And while seeing the same hairstyle on an actor gets boring for the audience. The same wasn't the scenario here, and that's the most exciting part. No matter how many times the actor would repeat the same hairstyle, the world never got enough of it! Dean Martin was famous for his hair, and by looking at his previous pictures, anyone would say that same!

So Did the Late Comedian Wear a Hairpiece?

Dean Martin never in his life wore a hairpiece. The actor's hair was all his own. In fact, other people wanted to copy his hairstyles but couldn't, adopted a toupee for that. But Martin always had the best, healthy locks in Hollywood. Even some of his friends like Frank Sinatra started wearing a hairpiece to have his hair look just like Martin’s. However, some fans say that Martin's famous hairstyle requires thick hair from the crown section, which is impossible for anyone to have. So there is a possibility that Dean Martin adopted a toupee for some time in his career. 

Even today, after so many years of his death. Martin is not only remembered through his songs and films but also his hair! His haircuts are still widely popular and can be seen on several men worldwide. 

Why Do Actors Start Wearing Hairpieces:

The answer to that is just unrealistic beauty standards that were set centuries ago. A man should have good hair to be considered handsome. Many celebrities in Hollywood have bald hair, and they could've wholly rocked their looks with that. But since hair is looked upon as a sign of beauty. Many celebrities adapt to hair systems.

With growing age, men start losing their hair, and that's natural. But actors have to look their part in movies and maintain a proper appearance for the public eye. For that, they adapt to hairpieces and wigs. That's why, whenever an actor is seen having good hair. The majority starts questioning whether the hair is natural or is it a toupee!


Dean Martin will forever be remembered for setting the most record-breaking trend ever in the 40s and 50s. After his death, people honor him through his songs and films. But some do through his hair too! Even though his popular haircuts are now looked upon as old-fashioned. But it can still look amazing on anyone!

Martin has appeared in over 85 film productions. He was a singer, comedian, actor, and also a famous roast master!


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