Did buck Owens wear a toupee?

April 21, 2022

Buck Owens is regarded as a real legend in country music. Along with fellow musicians Merle Haggard and Wynn Stewart, Buck was instrumental in popularising the Bakersfield Sound, which is honky-tonk that has been blended with electronic instruments and rock elements. Buck grew up in Arizona, where he picked cotton and learned to play the mandolin, guitar, and horns as a young guy. A year later, he was hired to work with the Mac’s Skillet Lickers, a band whose lead vocalist was Bonnie Campbell, and he had his first radio show at the age of 16. Bonnie soon became the first Mrs. Buck Owens, and the couple went on to have a son, Buddy, together. Buck and his young family relocated to Bakersfield, California, in the early 1950s, where he worked as a session guitarist and performed in a band known as the Orange Blossom Playboys. Buck was born in New York City and raised in Bakersfield.

Buck Owens’ hairstyles during his career include:

Throughout his career, Buck Owens had a variety of distinct hairstyles. He became well-known as a wonderful performer, singer-songwriter, guitarist, and composer, among other accomplishments. Although he was most recognized for his amazing beauty and charming nature, the American country singer-songwriter was also well-known for his excellent voice. Several newspapers covered him before his unfortunate death at the age of 77, mostly because of his stunning hair and appearance. Check out Lavividhair for some of Buck Owens’ most iconic haircuts.

Matthew McConaughey Gave Joe Buck Hair Plug Advice?

Joe Buck, a FOX Sports commentator, had a vocal cord injury just before the 2011 baseball season. Literally. He had first claimed to have a virus, but it turned out to be a complete fabrication. According to Buck, who appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show Tuesday night, the problem stemmed from a botched hair transplant treatment.

The man was hooked to obtaining hair plugs, and after his ninth (!) treatment, his vocal chord went paralyzed, and he was unable to talk for the rest of his life. I’m looking for assistance… The seasoned broadcaster sought the help of Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey, who provided some sound guidance.

How to Properly Care for Your Toupee in 6 Easy Steps

Today’s toupees are simpler to wear and have more current designs, making life easier and bringing a great deal of extra confidence. The even better news is that these toupees are extremely easy to maintain, allowing you to keep your fashionable appearance for many years to come. 


Your toupee, like any other kind of hair, needs regular washing. This benefits reducing the frequency with which toupees must be cleansed. The frequency with which you wash your toupee is probably a mystery. This may vary considerably, but a good rule of thumb is to wash toupees every 7 to 10 days at the very least.

Various variables determine the frequency with which your toupee should be cleaned. The first element to consider is how much you sweat. It is reasonable to anticipate sweat and oils from your scalp to collect more rapidly or outside in warmer temperatures.

Remember that just because you spend all of your time in colder temperatures or refrain from exercising does not guarantee you will never have to wash your toupee again. Even so, the oils from your scalp will eventually move to your toupee. External variables might also significantly influence the appearance of your toupee. Smoke from cigarettes, pipes, fires and other environmental toxins such as pollution may cling to your toupee and make it seem unkempt.


Use the proper care products while shampooing your toupee to keep it looking its best. Haircare solutions for toupees and wigs are designed to function on either synthetic fibers or human hair, depending on the use. Check the label to ensure that you purchase the right sort of toupee. If you are unsure, please call our friendly team at Joseph’s Wigs, who will be pleased to assist you in determining the finest items to use to maintain your toupee’s appearance.

People often believe that conventional shampoos would be suitable for human hair toupees. That was a blunder on my part. In addition to washing the hair itself, you also clean the cap that serves as the basis for your toupee’s appearance. Another reason it is so crucial to use a shampoo that has been particularly made for wigs and toupees is that it may be quite damaging to the hair. Because the hair in your toupee does not regrow, it is essential that you delicately care for it to continue to look wonderful for many years to come.

The first step in washing your toupee is rinse it well with clean, cold water. Using care, apply the wig shampoo and rub it through the hair and cap as gently as possible. Make sure your toupee is completely clean. Try not to pull on the hairs or wring out the toupee.


After rinsing off the shampoo, add conditioner to your toupee to keep it looking its best. Make sure to use a toupee conditioner specifically formulated for your hair type. The conditioner helps to maintain the appearance of the hair, preventing it from becoming faded or dingy over time.


Using a leave-in conditioner or fiber oil may help lessen the amount of static electricity that accumulates in your toupee. It also aids in the protection of hairs from exposure to contaminants. The use of a leave-in treatment is especially necessary for toupees composed of synthetic hair. Static electricity is more likely to attract synthetic fibers than natural fibers.


After washing your toupee, you must place it on a wig stand to let it dry completely. Place the toupee on the shelf and gently shape the hairs into the style of your choice with your fingers. It would help if you avoided combing or brushing damp hair. Fingerstyle the hair into place and set the toupee on a drying rack to finish drying it. The open structure that a wig stand provides allows for good air movement from above and below the toupee, helping it dry more rapidly and keeping it in the proper form.


Some toupees are pre-styled, while others are not. Once they have been properly shaped into the required form while still wet and permitted to dry, they look magnificent in your customary style. If your toupee is constructed of human hair or synthetic hair that You can style with heat, you may, if wanted, use heat styling equipment to make any required alterations to your style after your toupee has finished drying entirely to acquire the appearance you prefer.

Purchase a second toupee if you are worried about taking an occasional overnight break from wearing your toupee to allow it be cleaned and dried after drying. As a consequence, you can effortlessly shift to another toupee while the previous one is drying. The second method is to wash your toupee in the evening to have enough time to dry throughout the following day.