How to Choose A Hair Piece for Men Warehouse?

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Details about hair piece for men warehouse always make customers puzzled. Because when you check the brochure in the warehouse, little information about hairpieces.

Hairpieces have developed from luxury ornaments that can only be worn by the power class and dignitaries in the early days to daily necessities that everyone can wear now. People who wear wigs can be seen in movies, TV programs, and daily life.

Among them, the hairpiece is widely loved by consumers because of its simple and convenient wearing. What you may not know is that there are many different kinds of hairpieces, so today we will tell you what kinds of hairpieces are.

First, it is divided from the fixed way of the wigs.

1.BB clip (also known as PP clip) wig

BB clip wig is a kind of hairpiece which is fixed on the wearer's hair by a clip sewn on the hairpiece. BB clip wig is characterized by simple and convenient wearing, high fidelity, no tedious steps, and the wig can be reused many times. This BB clip is used in the common wig production in the domestic market, which is a best seller.

According to the different widths of hairpieces, the number of BB clips to be matched varies, including one clip, three clips, five clips, and so on.

2.PU glue wig

PU glue wig is a kind of hair piece for men warehouse which is fixed on the wearer's hair by a double-sided adhesive called PU soft glue. This kind of PU soft adhesive has the characteristics of transparent appearance, bending resistance, anti-aging, and not easy to turn yellow.

Good PU glue piece and most manufacturers in the market is American blue glue. The biggest feature of this kind of hairpiece is that it is firmly fixed and has the highest fidelity, but it needs to go to a professional hairdresser's studio for treatment.

The wearing method is cumbersome, and it can be worn repeatedly in theory, but the PU glue piece needs to be replaced regularly. Incorrect replacement methods will easily affect fidelity. This kind of retail sales in hairpieces is relatively rare, and it is more inclined to professional hair salons and foreign markets.

3. Fishing line wig

The fishing line wig is also called the fishing line one-piece hairpiece. Its fixing method is to fix it on the upper part of the forehead through a transparent and strong line.

The fishing line is partially covered by the wearer's hair. Fishing line one-piece hairpiece is rare in the domestic market because this kind of hairpiece is easy to wear, but its fixing effect is not good, and it is more common in foreign markets.

Second, from the hairstyle of the wig

According to the different hairstyle of hairpiece, it can be divided into straight hairpiece, big wave hairpiece, wool roll hairpiece, water ripple hairpiece, etc. (because there are many shapes of hairpieces, there are dozens of kinds of curvatures only, so I won't repeat them one by one).

What’s more, it is essential to introduce to you 2 hairstyles for your references.

One of the most popular men's hairstyles in this season is this Korean style with split hair. Divided evenly to both sides, bangs effectively lengthen the outline of the face, and at the same time give people a feeling of sunshine and vitality, which is a must for men.

Overbearing president's black short hair, soft structured modeling, creates a sense of maturity and stability, bangs blow up to reveal a perfect score of smooth forehead confidence, and calm eyes, it is no problem to control various occasions.

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Third, from the wearing style of wig

To meet the needs of different groups of people, a variety of wearing styles have been derived, such as a full lace wig (straight, V-shaped), three-piece wig, five-piece wig, and so on.

I believe that through this article, you should have a general understanding of hair piece for men warehouse. If you have any other questions about wig products, you can contact us through the comment function of the system, and we will answer every reader's questions.

You can collect our website to follow our website updates, and we will regularly publish articles related to hair piece products for you. Not only the purchase before buying hairpieces, the maintenance after purchase, but also the treatment of hair loss, some tips can be seen on our website.


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