The Introduce of Chinese Men’s Toupee: Styles of 3 Age Ranges

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Chinese men’s toupee is not a secret when they get the years up to 30, not only they wear toupee every single day, but also they will change the styles along with their mood. So, when you come to China forgotten to bring your toupee, many kinds of toupees on the physical store or online websites that you can buy it expediently. 

30 years old Chinese men’s toupee 

When men get to the years exceed 30, their hair had begun to fall off. Toupees become the most important thing when they need to go out for work or dating, just like the clothes. The stage of 30 years old had the same symptom: the hairline starts to move up. 

The higher your hairline, the older you look. To make themselves look as younger as they can, most Chinese men will buy some toupees which just suitable for their hairline.

This kind of toupee called false bang that only can catch in your forehead and cover the hairline moved up. The false bang is very fashionable and popular in the young and middle-aged. 

False bang has many colors and styles which you can use for many different occasions. For example, when you have been invited to a wedding, you can choose the black and shorter false bang as your bang and that will make you look mature and polite. 

On the contrary, if you are going to a party, you can choose the toupees with yellow, because that is the coolest color among youngsters. Yes, Chinese men won't be sad after losing their hair, because there are many kinds of toupees for them who made their level of appearance rose. 

40 years old Chinese men’s toupee 

As the years grow, men’s sebum produces less oil than before. Once the body oiled becomes insufficient the hair will fall off sooner, especially in middle-aged men. Not only the bang on the forehead but also in the center of the head which we called "The Mediterranean Sea". 

The feather of " The Mediterranean Sea " is obvious, specifically shown in the center of their head where almost have no hair on it. You can see the haircut looks like a black ring around the bare head. So toupees have become an inevitable part of Chinese men that has the bare center of the head.

There are two ways to solve the problems among Chinese men. On the one hand, people will choose thin toupees to cover the location where had no hair on the head. The thin toupee had a click that you can click around the hair remaining. So the thin toupee can fix on the top firmly.

On the other hand, remained people will choose the thick toupee which can set in the whole head. This kind of toupee suitable for the people who lose the hair more servers. Not only did they have no hair on the top, but also the reminding hair abounded the head began to fall off. 

The thick one does not click on the remaining hair, on the contrary, they must be nested on the head used the black gridding nest under the toupees. Besides, it is supposed for you to buy toupees of the same color and hair quality. 

If your hair is black and then you buy a yellow one set on your head that will be weird. Similarly, if you have straight hair, you should buy straight toupees rather than curly hair. 

Over 50 years old Chinese men’s toupee 

There are two kinds of haircuts among Chinese men aged over 50 years old. First, one part of them had a healthy body so that their Hair is exuberant. The only way they used toupees is covering the white hair which can not be black through dying thoroughly.

Dying hair maybe is a way to change the color of hair you do not like but it will fade quickly. Pick a black toupee is a wise solution for Chinese men that want to cover the white hair. People who had little hair on their head is the second one among the three kinds of haircuts. That is embarrassment and discomfort when they should go out for work or social contact. 

What they need is a toupee which may help them avoid impoliteness. In this case, I suggest you use a toupee changed from a hat. The "hat toupee" is very expediently because the only action is to wear it on your head just like wearing a hat. "Hat toupee" had many sizes and styles. Before buying a " hat toupee ", you should measure the size of your head. 

Toupees play a vital role in all Chinese men that are bald or shedding. Chinese men’s toupee with many styles and wearing ways, there's always something suitable for you.


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