Would the Shampoo Affect Hair Growth and Thickness?

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Can shampoo cause hair loss? This is a question that more and more people try to find an answer to, believing that aside from providing lustrous and bouncy hair, shampoo can also come with some negative consequences for our hair and scalp. Well, it may come as a surprise but those people are not worrying in vain. Shampoos contain lots of mild and harsh chemicals that tend to affect the hair to a certain degree. 

It's only when we are using totally natural shampoos that we are in safety, otherwise our hair is endangered by the shampoos' mysterious components that don't seem to be quite friendly towards hair and scalp, causing hair thinning and fall. With that being said, you might be safer checking the ingredient panel on the shampoo to identify harmful chemicals that include:

1. Sodium lauryl sulfate

This ingredient is in charge of creating the bountiful foam that shampoos are so loved for. At the same time, it also comes with some destructive effects. It breaks down the proteins making the hair shaft weaker and more vulnerable to breakage. SLS is also deemed a scalp irritant, impeding the absorption and production of essential oils that are so important in keeping the hair roots healthy. So if you notice this component on the ingredient panel, you will know whom to blame for your hair thinning.  

2. Sodium chloride

Yes, salt is present in some shampoos being added as a thickener of SLS. The good news it is not toxic, but it can trigger unwanted redness, itching and dryness of your scalp. As long as it works as an assistant for SLS, its role in causing hair loss should not be underestimated.

3. Polyethylene glycol

This chemical is used as a shampoo thickener. Still, aside from performing its thickening job, it also strips the hair of moisture which leads to drying out and wearing down the hair making it more susceptible to breaking.


4. Formaldehyde

Moving on to preservatives. This ingredient is added to shampoo to make it last longer. Unfortunately, it also tends to disrupt the hormonal balance and cause hair fall.

5. Diethanolamine and Triethanolamine

These are other components in shampoo that you should beware of. They tend to cause skin irritation and inflammation which reduces the capability of the scalp to support the hair, leading to its fall. Another irritant is propylene glycol which is used to prevent shampoo from freezing during transportation.

6. Alcohol

There are several types of alcohol that can be found in shampoo. Some of them are good, others tend to harm your scalp. Those that begin with letters "c" or "s" called fatty alcohols have a role in preventing dry hair, including Stearyl alcohol and Cetyl alcohol. Any other alcohols, that are typically found in greater amounts than fatty alcohols, are dangerous, as they can dehydrate the hair making it less flexible and less strong, thus vulnerable to breakage.

Another hint that may help you identify these harmful alcohols is their position on the ingredient panel. Once they are in higher concentration, they are typically listed in the top 4 components.   

7. Lanolin

This one is a petroleum-based greaser that has the role of thickening the hair. Yes, your shampoo has traces of petroleum in it. Though in small quantities, lanolin can weigh down the hair and impede the absorption of essential oils, leaving follicles without nutrition and protection.

So, can shampoo cause hair loss?

Well, taking a look at the negative effect of each above-mentioned ingredient apart and understanding that shampoo contains a bit of each, it becomes clear that shampoo plays a role in triggering hair loss. To avoid the destructive effect of chemicals found in shampoos, you can always switch to safer hair care products, such as natural shampoos based on herb extracts. There are people who even adopted a shampoo-free lifestyle, relying just on regular brushing and natural oils to keep the hair in good condition.

No matter the alternative is chosen, one thing remains clear: shampoos cause hair loss. They abound in chemical enemies that make your hair weaker (sodium laurel sulfate), strip it of moisture (alcohols), and hinder absorption of essential oils (lanolin). All together encourage hair thinning and hair loss which should make you seriously think of replacing shampoos with safer natural products. 

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