What Causes Hairfall in Men and What Preventive Measures You Can Take

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Hairfall in men is one of the most alarming situations for men worldwide, as it grows much faster and is believed to make up a total of 6 million bald men. There are many reasons that lead to hair loss in men. It is more or less related to genetics, and it is said that if your father and ancestors have hair loss due to problems with the scheme, 90% of the time, you are likely to be affected by this problem.

In addition to genetics, there are many other reasons, such as pollution of the environment, which damages and weakens the scalp and causes problems. Some people lose their hair after a serious illness that weakens the scalp, and others receive high-radiation treatment that suffers from the terrible cancer disease that causes instant hairfall in men and, ultimately, baldness. Some people get this problem in their early teens and start working with age and time.

What Are The Common Causes Of Hair Loss In Men?

The Stress

Some people lose hair due to stress. It can start three months after the stressful event or when stress begins. Stress in people predisposed to genetic baldness and androgenic alopecia is more likely to trigger the onset of the disease or to exacerbate existing elimination. It can take six months or more for growth to resume after the stress ends. So think about the harmful effects of stress on your fame and other health risks and avoid unnecessary stress.

Style Treatments

Hair can weaken and break if chemical treatments such as dyes, tones, bleaches, relaxants, perms, and straighteners are used too often or applied for too long. Always use reputable products and follow product instructions carefully to avoid the possibility of damage to your crop. Avoid doing more than one procedure on the same day.

Low in Protein

Low protein diets, such as those with little or no meat, can lead to protein malnutrition. To save protein, the hair goes into a resting phase instead of growing. A sign of this is that the wires can be easily removed at the root. This condition can be reversed and avoided by eating enough protein. During the diet, it is important to maintain an adequate protein intake to avoid thinning and excessive loss.

Hereditary Hairfall in Men

Hereditary hair loss in men is responsible for 90% of total hair loss. Her father suffered from baldness and has a 50% chance of alopecia. We're talking about an inherited disorder called androgenetic alopecia.Androgenic alopecia is a genetic form of hair loss in men that is exacerbated by a strong form of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). If there is too much DHT in the hair, it will disappear more quickly. The hair can be very thin and weak. If this is not enough, shorten the hair replacement cycle and accelerate the decomposition phase.

Most men experience the genetic effects of hair loss around the age of 60 just before retirement, but there are many cases that can start as a teenager. Alopecia generally follows a predictable pattern. Baldness usually begins in the forehead or at the top of the head, where the crown is. Some men only lose their hair in the front, which is usually called entry; others have lost straight from the forehead to the crown. For others, especially those whose baldness started at a young age, his hair disappears completely, and his head remains like a billiard ball.


Hair loss can be caused by medications such as blood thinners (also called blood thinners), gout treatments, medicines for high blood pressure or heart problems, excessive consumption of vitamin A and antidepressants. The condition is reversible and usually improves if you stop taking the drug.

How Would You Prevent Hairfall in Men?

So you want to find a way to prevent the loss of your delicious curls before they occupy your entire scalp. Preventive measures to prevent this condition in the future are simple and easy, depending on the actual cause of the disease that you want to avoid.

Balanced Diet

Eat A Balanced Diet

Before you begin to examine the genetic types of this condition (also known as alopecia areata), it is important to avoid all of the causes of lifestyle hair loss, including lack of nutrients. Make sure you have enough protein in your diet, whether vegetarian or vegan. Getting the right nutrients is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having healthy skin and nails.

Visit Your Doctor

It is very likely that if you are looking for ways to prevent hairfall hairfall in men, you feel like you are already losing some of your hair. Consult your doctor and request a scalp analysis to determine if you are losing hair, why you are losing it, and if you need to take preventive measures sooner or later. The doctor can determine all of this - for example, hair loss due to a certain drug or lack of certain vitamins can be corrected by a simple change. Most likely, this type of hairfall in men is not permanent. However, genetic hair loss is usually permanent if left untreated in the early stages.

Consider Rogaine and Propecia

Rogaine is a viable option for people suffering from genetic hair loss. Minoxidil is applied to the scalp once a day to prevent hair loss. Rogaine is a good solution if you follow a strict diet and use it daily. One advantage of Rogaine is that it is a solution for men and women suffering from hair loss. Rogaine is recommended for those who are at an early stage of hair loss to avoid future hair loss.

For Male Pattern Baldness, think Of Propecia. propecia (finasteride) is another great option for hair loss in men. The sooner you start Propecia treatment, the more likely you are to prevent hair loss in the future. Talk to your doctor if Propecia is right for you.

Take a Look at a Laser Comb

The FDA has approved a laser comb for the treatment of alopecia areata, the Lexington HairMax laser comb. This product uses low-level red lasers to stimulate the scalp and promote growth in thinning areas of the scalp. Reviews of laser combs vary from person to person - some have reported excellent results.

Get a Non-Surgical Men's Hair System

A non-surgical hair system is also called a toupee. It is used to cover the hairfall area in men. 

hair system

Everything the manufacturer says cannot be 100% true. Before buying a balding treatment product, check what you have collected on a website. Do your own research. Look for reliable and reliable online scientific journals and websites. This allows you to verify that a product's website does contain the correct information and that the solution is reasonably likely to work. First, visit several product pages. This gives you the opportunity to compare different solutions and choose the one that suits you best.


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