Common Misconceptions About Men's Human Hair Toupee

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There is nothing unusual or surprising about hair loss, except when you start to realize the harm it is causing it is too late and the damage is done. This tends to make people worry and stress about their hair and leave them in a state of panic, thinking about how this will affect their personal and social lives. Some people disapprove of this type of thinking. When the fact about human nature is always to look their absolute best, it is not easy to lose one of your most significant features and be okay with it.

To solve this issue, Hair replacement systems were engineered to solve all the hair loss and baldness problems of men without being detectable. It is prevalent among men to get the hair they want without having to go through painful procedures.

Where Hair Wig Toupees are the most perfect, go-to option for baldness or hair thinning problems for men, there are still plenty of men out there being hesitant to use hair wigs or toupees having wrong ideas about these hair replacement systems in their minds.

So let’s Bust these Myths!

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1- Hair Wig Toupees and Sun Light.

These hair systems are made out of natural human hair, and the pigment or the color of human hair tends to fade with time when exposed to extensive sunlight. It is thought that these hair replacement system's hair color will fade with time, leaving it looking dull and brittle.

Whereas it is not the case. Hair Wig Toupees can hold their hair color for long periods, especially with proper maintenance.

2- Hair Systems look Unnatural.

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This is by far the most misunderstood fact about the hair wig toupees. If the hair system is made out of human hair, match your hair color, density, and volume, how will it be humanly possible for anyone to detect it? Today's hair systems have been so advanced that they even give you the most unrealistically real hairline. Yes, you have to go through several steps to get the perfect hair system, but it is worth it.

3- These Hair systems are just standard wigs with a fancier name.

The confusion is somewhat understandable. So let's sort this out by giving you one significant difference. The standard hair wigs are only suitable for fancy dresses and Halloweens. Simultaneously, these hair wig toupees for men are specially designed according to each individual's hair details and properties. It has different volume and hair density throughout the piece, while common wigs have the same hair density throughout, looks unnatural, and easily detectable.

4- It is easily detectable.

Yes, in some cases where hair systems are of low quality and are a result of cheap manufacturing. But in most cases, these Hair Wig Toupees are undetectable to the extent that no one can tell you are wearing them even if they look at it very carefully.

5- They are hard to manage and are quite expensive.

The Hair Replacement Systems perform exactly like your natural hair, meaning, to maintain them, you do not have to do anything other than what you would do for your natural hair; only less as they do not need modern haircuts and trimming. To cater to the expensive part ultimately depends on the quality of the hair system you are getting for yourself. Different quality grades of these hair systems cost you different. Luckily, brands like Lavivid hair provide you with High-Quality Hair Wig Toupees on different affordable price ranges.

6- You have to avoid certain things while wearing them.

People commonly ask if they can wear their hair systems underwater or while making something substantial or high physical effort, making their scalp sweat and messing up their hair systems. Well, no. They do not have to worry about any of these things. Wearing these hairpieces changes nothing about their life except taking away their insecurities about their hair. Except that you will be able to do everything like you used to. Go to fitness boot camp, or win a swimming competition these air pieces will not be affected in any way.

7- These hair systems are not a long term solution.

People do not realize that when they go for invasive and costly hair replacement solutions, they are only targeting the hair loss you have had till that day. It does not solve the complete hair loss and baldness problem. So technically, the solutions they think are more permanent are just an illusion of a solution. If you want to get your hair back, the way it used to look, you have to go for Hair Replacement Systems. Once you start wearing them, no one will remember your bald spots, and that will be the new image of you having the most luscious perfect hair you ever had.


If some of these myths were stopping you from getting your hair replacement system, you should leap of faith because we guarantee you will never look back. Find the perfect, high-quality hair system for yourself, visit Lavivid Hair, and get complete guidelines on how to get yourself your very own custom hairpiece.  


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