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Thinning hair or a balding head is usually considered a sign of aging. So it's entirely appropriate for young men to get worried if they start suffering from hair loss even before they reach their thirties. Normally, natural hair loss due to age doesn't occur until the age of 35-40. Some unlucky young men suffer from these unfortunate circumstances even at the young age of 21 or earlier. 

A hair loss condition that's more than likely the cause of this premature hair loss is called androgenic alopecia. Its also referred to as male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness can get triggered at any point in a man's life after he's hit puberty. The most common symptoms of pattern baldness are a receding hairline and thinning sides and continue from there. It can be pretty traumatizing to start losing hair this early in life, therefore through many kinds of research; there are some treatments or solutions that can help you deal with your condition appropriately. 

Dealing With Male Pattern Baldness In Young Men 

There is years and year's worth of research done on male pattern baldness, and the answer still seems to claim that male pattern baldness cannot be cured permanently. There are, however, many treatments that you can use or other non-medicated options for you to get the best out of life and regain your confidence. 

While alopecia has been officially deemed uncurable, the process can certainly be slowed down or even reversed over time. While the hair might grow back, there's no indication that it won't fall out again. The two well-known FDA-approved drugs for hair loss are 'Minoxidil' and 'Finasteride. 


Sold by the name Rogaine, minoxidil is an over-the-counter drug that is applied to the scalp. It is for external use only and often comes in a foamy form. It is recommended to use it at least twice a day. 


Unlike rogaine, finasteride is a prescription drug. Sold under the name Propecia, this drug is consumed orally in the form of a tablet. Finasteride can only be used with a doctor's prescription and should be consumed accordingly. 

Light therapy:

According to research analytics, taking therapy has resulted in a de-escalation of hair loss. The most obvious reason for this is stress. Stress can cause your hair to fall at a rapid pace; therapy might help deal with it and slow down the process of hair fall. 


Hair Wigs or toupee have been a solution for hair loss for a very long time. The plus point in this scenario is that the hairpieces don't look fake or tacky anymore like they did 20 years from now. There is an unlimited amount of variations available when it comes to young men’s toupee. You could be of any age, race, and gender, and you would be able to find the perfect hairpiece for yourself. Hairpieces not only cover up any hair loss or thinning sides but also provide you with a handsome and attractive look. 

Why Are Hairsystems The Best Option For Young Men 

According to research analytics, more than 70% of the people suffering from early hair loss conditions preferred wearing hair systems rather than medicated or invasive treatment. Hair replacement systems are not only non-invasive and lack any risk factor, but they're also economically priced. Moreover, they are completely customizable just to your needs, no matter if you wish for a bright neon color or a shade as close to your natural hair as possible.

Young men’s toupee has made significant advancement in the last couple of decades. They're not only incredibly natural now, but they are also available in many synthetic and natural forms as well as textures, colors, and different types of base materials. 

How To Take Proper Care of Your Hairpieces 

Often, young men tend to be not quite efficient when it comes to cleaning and treating their products properly. We compiled an easy yet thorough list for you to go through. This will help you take care of your hairpieces properly and increase the longevity of your wigs.

● A hairpiece should be washed thoroughly every week or ten days.

● Incase of blowdrying, use cool temperature as hot air can cause the hair to get damaged and frizzy.

● While applying any product, go from root to tip instead of the other way round. This will ensure that the wig doesn't get tangles or pull on the hair knots at the base of the wig.

● Treat the wigs with the proper shampoo and other products specifically designed for young men’s toupee.

● Try not to sleep or shower while you're wearing the hair system. 

Variations in Hair systems 

There are several aspects of a hair system that can be customized according to your preference and comfort. Aspects such as base, hair type, color, and texture are all very important. But the most important thing that will help you get the most comfort out of your hair system is the method of attachment. Every person has different priorities and prefers different types of attachment methods. The three most common type of attachment methods is listed below.

1. Glue Adhesive

2. Double-Sided Tape adhesive

3. Clip-on attachments 

These three the most common types of hairpiece attachments, and people use them depending on how long they plan to wear a hair system as well as how sturdy it needs to be. 

You will find the best hair systems at our lavivid store online. We have the perfect hairpieces for young men that will help them gain back their confidence.


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