Why Many People Choose A Full Coverage Hair Replacement System?

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Baldness is barely a new thing among men around. Losing hair was as traumatic in ancient times as it is now. It has been discovered that even the ancient Egyptians used to treat hair loss by mixing different herbs and seeds while the royals stick to wearing wigs made up of human hair. Yes! Wigs, toupees, and hair systems might have been evolved in this decade of technology, but their origin lies way earlier in the era of pharaohs and kings. They even used human hair to make up for their thinning beard and eyebrows to regain their confidence and beauty because who doesn't like a head full of hair.

However, it might even be unfair that some people have hair loss in their genetics, and no matter what they do, they are bound to get bald by the time they reach their mid-forties. Even though it is quite obvious that you cannot stop it, you can still acknowledge this fact and try to slow down the effect by being careful and maintaining your hair with care, and your hair might last you till your 50s.

While some people might lose their hair due to Male Pattern Baldness: a genetic condition, others might be experiencing hair loss due to anxiousness, a stressful routine, a traumatic event in their life, and sometimes even because of a medical condition. 

Whatever the reason is, no one wants to see their hair shedding and dread the day when they go bald. But the good news is, you don't have to stay bald! Manufacturers and developers of modern hair systems have found the best solution to make your head full of hair once again by using a full head hair system. These systems will conceal your bald head and get rid of the shame that comes with a bad head.

Why Choosing A Full Head Hair System for Baldness Is Better Than Any Other Treatment? 

Since many people worldwide experience hair loss, it is obvious that the internet is filled with thousands and thousands of treatments claiming to regain your hair to its full glory again. One of the most marketed solutions for hair loss is a hair transplant, and it is not only awfully expensive, but it also involves a lot of pain and suffering without guaranteed results. It may work for you, and it may not. It's all up to your luck!

On the other hand, many pharmaceutical companies claim to have medicines that will magically cure hair loss. That is never the case! No one in the entire world can whip up some chemicals together that will magically cure your hair loss. These medicines might slow down the process, and once you stop taking them, your hair will start shedding at a much higher speed, reversing the whole effect.

Considering the cons of the treatments as mentioned above, it is obvious that the only procedure that offers a perfect and completely natural look is noninvasive hair systems. You can go for wigs, toupees, and even partial wigs according to your own preference. 

Types of Wigs and How To Choose

Even though several different kinds of wigs and toupee are available in the market all around the world, they fall into two basic categories: partial hair system and full head hair system.

Now the question is, what kind of hair system will suit you best. To figure this out, you need to understand the situation and severity of your hair loss. If you have just started to lose your hair and most of your hair loss is from the front or back, you can easily go with the frontal hairpiece or toupee that only conceals the back of your head.

But if you are suffering from male pattern baldness, it is better to go with a full head hair system since it saves you the struggle and expense of getting a new wig again and again. All you need to do is visit your hair expert and get them to examine your situation. Ensure that you take complete advantage of your remaining hair to find out the perfect color and shade of your wig, which is the most crucial factor if you want a seamlessly natural look. 

Why Choose A Full Head Hair System?

The list of pros for a full head hair system is exceptionally long, but some of the major ones are:

· Easy to put on: a full hair system is straightforward and straightforward to put on. All you need to do is put on an appropriate adhesive and fix the wig on your head.

· Easy to style: When dealing with full head hair systems, it is easier to style since you have numerous options to choose from.

· More natural: Full coverage wigs and hairpieces offer a more effortlessly natural look because the whole wig is made to look like your natural hair.

· Easy to care for: A full hair system has a close resemblance to your head full of hair, and hence it is easier to manage for it as you would care for your natural hair. 

If you are looking for the perfect full head hair system for yourself, the best place to look is Lavivid.com. We offer a mesmerizing range of top coverage hairstyles made with special care just for you!


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