How to Make A Choice between Thin Skin and Lace Hair System?

May 30, 2021

A thin skin or lace hair system? Are you bothering about purchasing which type of hair system? To dispel your doubts, we have garnered information online on the differences between the thin skin and lace hair system so that you will better know which one can best meet your demand and solve your problems. 

Both hair systems are great for covering baldness. Why there are different types of hair replacement systems? Because the system consists of hair parts and base parts. The hair base materials determine the different wearing feelings and features, thus giving each system a different name. Since hair is attached to the hair base layer and the base directly touches your scalp, choosing a proper and quality hair system is of significance. 

On thin skin hair system

As one of the most popular types for non-surgical hair replacement, this sort of hair system has a solid touch on the surface which contains polyurethane. Therefore, the thin skin base is resistant to water, sweat, and air. The smooth surface will not make you feel irritated or itching. Generally, it is light-weighted and looks natural on your head. For the material quality, looped ventilation is at the hair front with a nice hairline outlook. 

On lace hair system

This kind of hair system is friendly to people who sweat a lot for it is particularly light, soft, and breathable. The hairpieces are generally tied to the base by hands by using multifilament synthetic thread. Thus, the fine lace base is more flexible. It also offers an undetectable appearance. 

It can be further divided into Swiss and French lace systems. People who exercise a lot can pick this hair replacement system because it is thin and cause no discomfort. 


The life expectancy of the thin skin type is shorter than that of lace hair. The former one lasts about 1-2 months, the latter around 2-3 months. The front hairline of the former one is better than the latter while the lace has better breathability than the thin skin. 

The lace hair system achieves ventilation by knotting while the thin skin hair system by V-loop. The maximum hair density of the lace is medium. For thin skin, it is medium-light. When it comes to maximum hair length, the lace hair system has no limitations. The thin skin hair can reach 6″ inches. 

To attach these two hair systems respectively, a liquid adhesive is used to attach the thin skin hair replacement which can also be used for attaching lace hair base. Tapes are also commonly used to attach lace hair. Thin skin base is not compatible with tight or Afro curly hair textures while lace hair has no limitations. 

These are the basic introductions to and differences of a thin skin or lace hair system. Based on the information, you can have a look at the products at Lavividhair store where relevant introductions are also posted. 

Lace system recommendation

Thor Men’s Lace Toupee

It has a full French lace base which is suitable for a humid climate. The system is strongly capable of lasting a longer time than average lace hair. It is made of 100% Indian Remy human hair, which is guaranteed to be safe for human health. 

If you find the size too big or too small, you can customize one by contacting the seller. The price of this product is 349 US dollars. Other information as well as customer reviews can be seen under the product pictures. You can search for it on the store’s official website. 

Mirage Toupee for Men

Having a full-thin skin base, the product provides a wide range of colors up to 65 to choose from. The hair base is transparent and super thin, definitely undetectable after it is attached to your scalp skin. You also customize one that suits your size or you can cut it by yourself. At the cost of 299 US dollars, this product is a nice choice if you prefer a thin skin system. 


We believe that you can decide on buying a thin skin or lace hair system. If you are still uncertain, Lavividhair offers hair systems that combine the advantages of thin skin and lace hair. You can explore more at the store. There will be one that satisfies your requirements.