How to Solve the Crown Hair Thinning In Men

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Hair thinning in the crown area in men is not new, and it is just getting more prominent and more significant of a problem around the globe in the last few decades. So the deal with Hair thinning at the crown is that many people take it as a massive hair loss or baldness at the height, which is entirely different. In this problematic crown hair thinning, you get bald spots in between your Hair. The Hair is there on your scalp; it is not complete baldness, but it is so thin and light that you can see your scalp. Knowing the causes can help you avoid falling victim to it, and knowing the solution will make it easier for you to deal with it.

Lavivid Hair, in this blog, will help you recognize the reasons for your hair thinning on the crown and guide you on getting hairpieces for thinning hair on top, for you to get rid of this problem.

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Reasons why your Hair is thinning at the crown area

1- Anemia.

Put it is known as iron deficiency. If your body is in the deficit of iron, you will probably start losing your Hair very fast. This causes your Hair from the middle to begin thinning. Moreover, anemia has such an effect on your body that it can make the hair follicle on your scalp super sensitive, which causes them to not allowing new hairs to grow.

If you are not sure that what you are experiencing is an iron deficiency or not, you can look for symptoms like; If you are quickly tired? If you get short of breath very fast? Do you experience chest pain? If your answer to these questions is a yes, you probably have iron deficiency, and to overcome that, you can introduce iron-rich foods into your diet or take iron supplements.

2- Medications or Radiation Therapy.

It is nothing new. Medications are chemicals combined to treat a specific thing inside your body. While they are doing what they are made to do, they have specific harmful effects on your body as and unfortunately, hair fall is one of them. Some of the very surprising medications which make your Hair loss worse are Vit A, Anti-acne, Anti-fungal, cholesterol balancing, and blood pressure medicines. While all these medications seem necessary and cannot be avoided so taking better care of your hair is the only thing you can do, You can also ask your doctor to change your medicine if it was making your hair condition worse. If we discuss the adverse side effects of treatment, we cannot help but discuss the side effects of radiation therapy, causing people to lose all their Hair. In radiation therapy, there is not much you can do about saving the Hair you have, but there is a solution for having Hair, which we have yet to discuss.

3- Over Styling

Do you ever heat style your hair, and for the time it looks fantastic, but when you are combing your Hair afterward, you can see a lot of hairbrush on your hairbrush? That is because when you want your hair to look a certain way by applying heat on them, it puts them under a lot of friction, which promotes breakage. Moreover, heat styling or even using a lot of wax on your head can cause your hair roots to get sensitive and encourage breakage. To simplify, over Styling is never good for your hair, so try to avoid using heat on your hair as much as you can and go for more natural ways to treat your Hair.

4- Scalp Infection.

Any part of our body can get Infection, internal or external. So does our scalp, and the most infection-prone area in any men's head is the crown area. Scalp infection is a condition where your hair follicles get damaged as harmful bacteria and fungi enter them and stop any hair growth. The type of Infection can vary, but the result is the same. The most common kind of scalp infection is dandruff, and we are quite positive you might be aware of it. If you usually have an itchy scalp or have irritation on your scalp, you should probably get it checked as these are signs for having a scalp infection. The best way to treat your scalp infection is medication along with medicated shampoos.

Solution For Men's Thinning Hair on Crown

Even if you are taking all the precautionary measures, there are certain times where you do not have full control over your body's functions. Or maybe you were too late to start taking your Hair thinning seriously, and now you want something to get rid of the bald spots on the crown area of your scalp.

Well, no matter how extreme or mild your thinning of hair on top of your scalp, maybe there is only one solution to it; Hairpieces for thinning Hair on top of your scalp. If you are skeptical of how they can hide the bald spots between your Hair, you are about to be amazed. The hairpieces for thinning hair on the crown are specially designed to cater to the very problem. To find out the premium quality of hairpieces for thinning Hair, visit Lavivid Hair, get yourself your very own wig, and travel back 5 to 10 years in time to your youthful days.  


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