5 Extremely Expressive Men's Long Hairstyles with A Toupee

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Due to the fashionable appeal of long hairstyle in men, a lot of men want to try a long hairstyle. However, if you dont have that long hair or dont want your hair to grow that long because long hair truly requires a lot of extra time on the styling and caring routine, what to do? Here is when a mens long hair toupee comes into the picture.

Noah 14’’ Mens Long Hair Toupee  LaVivid Hair

Noah is a 14'' long hair toupee in 1B Off Black and naturally straight hair. This natural straight texture has a slight natural wave and gives you a very realistic and edgy look. It is for men who are looking for a long hairstyle to achieve an attractive look.

The hair system base is in 8’’x10’’ and it is constructed with monofilament and 1'' PU in perimeter and 1'' PU across the base and a lace front. This special structure makes it breathable, and also durable and well-shaped.

Long Hairstyles You Could Get with This Toupee

1.Long Textured Waves

Texture and dimension is the key to this hairstyle. It works literally for nearly each face shape. With LaVivid Noah toupee, you can add some layers to the hair system to make it look much more realistic and fashionable.

One con about long hair like this would be the cleaning and drying process because it is easier to tangle. So when you wash it, try not to rub the hair with shampoo like what you do with your own hair. Let the water flow with the direction of the hair and be sure to use deep conditioner onto the hair to add some moisture. If it has tangled, use a wide-tooth comb and detangle it gently from the hair end and work your way up to the root.

2.Man Bun

Man bun is a classic hairstyle for men which is always in trend. A casual man bun looks to give people a relaxed appeal. Also it is very easy to make. Use your finger and comb the hair back the tie part or all amount of the hair into a bun. Man bun look works best for people who have defined bone structures.

3.Long Parting Hair

It is super easy to create a part with long hair with left part, right part and even middle part. Not like short hair, if you want to make a part, you might need to blow the hair to the direction you want it to be and create a part, however, a new part might not work that good at the beginning.

While for long hair, you can do this when the hair is wet. Just use a comb with a narrow handle and draw a hairline that you want the part to be and separate the hair. Then a fresh part is done. With a 14’’ long hair, no need to blow dry the hair to tame it.


Tips for Styling Long Hair

l Go for a middle part if your hair is straight and a side part if it is wavy or curly.

l To wear your hair up, consider a ponytail, man bun or half-up look.

l For a bold look, select a braided or dreadlocked style.

l Keep your hair healthy and receive regular trims to ensure it always looks good.

l Deep condition the toupee every time you wash it

l Use a leave-in conditioner on the toupee hair to keep it in a good condition.

 If you want to know more about men's long hairstyles please contact us support@lavividhair.com, we will give you professional guidance.  Browse our complete inventory and customized toupee catalog to find the hair replacement system that best meets you.


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