Ordering Custom Toupee for Men

LaVivid offers individual service that you can get a custom made hair system to suit your unique needs. You can customize the hair fiber, color, texture, density, base construction, base size, base shape, hair direction and more for your hair system.
  • Base
  • Color
  • Gray Hair
  • Wave or Curl
  • Other Specifications


Full Swiss Lace
Lace Front and Center + 1’’ Skin Sides and Back
Lace Center + 1’’ Skin Around
0.02-0.03mm C-through Bio Skin
0.04-0.06mm C-through Bio Skin
0.10-0.12mm Skin with V-loop (Cheaper, No knots)
Lace Front + Mono Top + NPU around the base
Mono Top + NPU around the base + Under-vented hairline
Silk Top (aka French Drawn) + Lace front + 1'' Skin on sides and back
Silk base (aka French Drawn) + 1'' Skin in perimeter


Please at least choose a similar color code below to get a quote immediately. The quote can't be generated if you choose any of these 3 options.




2 Darkest brown
3 Dark brown
4 Medium brown
Ash4 Ashy Medium brown
5 Cool toned brown
5R  #5 with red tone
6 Chestnut brown
6R #6 with red tone
7 Lightest brown
ace, breathable, natural


ace, breathable, natural
ace, breathable, natural
ace, breathable, natural
ace, breathable, natural
ace, breathable, natural
ace, breathable, natural
ace, breathable, natural

Gray Hair

Please select the gray percentage here.

Wave or Curl

28mm body wave
25mm medium wave
20mm tight wave
12mm medium curl
10mm tight curl
4mm afro
3mm afro

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Men Hair SystemOther Specifications

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Front Contour Shape *

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