This whole page is showing you some of the products you may need along your hair system journey that you may or may not think or know about. This will be a comprehensive list of some of the things that you're going to be needing at each of the facets of using a hair system.


Making a template
Tools you will need for making a template is Saran Wrap, Marker, Clear Packing Tape, and A Pair of Scissors.
Cut down the hair system base to your size

If you are new to hair systems, it is not recommended to cut the base by yourself. LaVivid provides Pre-cut service and you can send LaVivid your template or your measurements and LaVivid’s experts will cut the base for you.

If you are confident to do that by yourself, you will either need some razors like a box cutter or a high-quality pair of scissors that you can get from a beauty supply store.



For a beginning wearer, it is recommended to get a couple of smaller samples of either liquid or tape adhesives at the beginning instead of going for one that is a bulk version of one of those in order to try out different adhesives and see what works best for you.


Tape is incredibly easy to apply and remove. The cons when it comes to a tape adhesive is that you are not going to get that same level of realism that you might be able to get from a liquid adhesive. The tape adhesive itself is generally thicker than a liquid adhesive especially for the front hairline.
When it comes to choosing a tape, walker ultra hold tape in contour shape together with the roll shape make a great combination.

Water Base Liquid Adhesive

The mostly used glues on the hair system market are water base adhesive and acrylic based adhesive.
Water base adhesive is the mildest to the skin and it tends to have the shortest duration of bond time and it is comparatively easy to be cleaned.You can use it in cold or warm weather or medium temperature or you are not looking for a super long term bond duration.

Acrylic Base Liquid Adhesive

If you are looking for the best performing bonds for hot weather and the longest duration, Acrylic adhesive will be the choice. It is clear and medical grade adhesive but it can be a little harsh on the skin. Some people use it for bonding the front hairline only.


A scalp protector gives your bond far longer duration. It is something that you apply before an adhesive and helps to make sure there's a barrier between the adhesive and any sweat or oil, therefore extending the bond.
Choose ‘Max Hold Sport’ if you work out frequently, or live in a hot and humid climate.


Positioning spay helps especially for beginner wearers. After you finish applying tape or glue onto the hair system or your scalp, spray Just Rite Positioning Spay over the adhesive area and it will delay the bond for a few seconds and this allows you to adjust the hair system until you put it into the right place.



A general rule when buying a shampoo for a hair system is buy one that has no sulphates, and it is paraben free and have no sodium chloride. Even better if you can find one that is for dry, damaged or colored, treated hair, that is going to be a great choice for your shampoo.

Conditioner/Leave-in Conditioner

Condition the hair system after each shampooing. Please don’t soak the hair system in conditioner or any liquid for a long time because this will cause the hair knots loose thus causing hair loss issue.

Leave-in Conditioner is recommended to be used on a daily basis to keep your hair system moisturized and gain more duration out of your hair system.


For lace unit, Walker Lace Release is recommended. Before you remove the hair system from your scalp, spray lace release from the hair side through the unit towards the scalp to areas with tape or glue. Wait for 30 seconds and gently lift the system away from the scalp.

For Skin units, Walker C22 is recommended.


Cotton balls

Cotton balls can be used during removing the adhesive from the hair system base. It’s very cheap and can be get at supermarkets.


Toothpicks can be very useful in a liquid adhesive bond in order to fix small hairline mistakes that may occur.

Mannequin head

It is very valuable when you do reinstalls putting tape on your hair system or for whatever reason modifying it.

Three-way Mirror

Getting a three-way mirror is really the best thing that you can do if you're going to be installing a hair system yourself. It will help you see in front of you to the side of you and then to the back of you which is infinitely valuable.

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