Hair System Curl/Wave Guide

Understanding what wave or curl pattern to choose for your hair system can make all the difference in achieving a natural appearance.
At LaVivid, we offer many wave and curl options to meet your specific needs. 28mm to 30mm rod size waves are most popular and you can find them in our stock hair systems. For other wave or curl options, we can customize for you. You can choose from our wave/curl chart below, or you can send us your hair sample and we can customize the exact same curl pattern just for you.

Below you will find the details for each wave and curl pattern and how it looks on a real person. Please kindly note that the person is not wearing a hair system in the pictures. They are just for your reference.


The rod size for Afro is around 1/8 inch and the hair is a tight kink.

Medium Afro

3/16 inch rod size is a slightly looser afro kink-curl.

Tight Curl

It is in around 3/8 inch rod size, which are small curls.You can open it to 3/4 inch curl.

Medium Curl

1/2 inch rod size will open to approximately 1 inch curl.This can also be wave or curl depending on the direction it dries. Wet it and scrunch into curls or comb flat for a wave.

Tight Wave

3/4 inch rod size will open to approximately 1-1/2 inch wave.Remember, if this is cut shorter than two inches most of the curl will be gone.

Medium Wave

7/8 inch rod size will open to approximately 1-3/4 inch wave. This will be a light wave and is the most common wave used for most styles.

Body Wave

9/10 inch rod size will open to an approximately 2 inch wave, the light movement and body will remain.

Straight Hair

It is natural straight hair. It might bend after a night’s sleeping. After washing and slight styling, it will become straight again.

Except for the Afro and Medium Afro texture, curl patterns will always become looser gradually after several washings and wearing. It must be noted that for lighter hair, the curls may not hold their shape for as long as dark hair where the curls are naturally more sturdy.

What Curls* Can LaVivid Make?

Here at LaVivid, we can make any curl that is looser than 8mm which includes
10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 30mm and 35mm.

  • What Curls Can LaVivid Make?
  • What Curls Can LaVivid Make?
  • What Curls Can LaVivid Make?
  • What Curls Can LaVivid Make?
  • What Curls Can LaVivid Make?
  • What Curls Can LaVivid Make?

* Some of the men in above pictures are not wearing a hair system. These curly hairstyles are for your reference only.

What Colors cannot be Made with Small Curls?

Light colors like blonde or white are not recommended to be added with a small curl (3mm-22mm) because it causes the hair to break easily. Small curls are added to the hair using high heat, so this process will make the hair a bit more fragile, thus shorten the lifespan slightly. The smaller the curl is, the less time it will last.

What Bases Can I use for Making Small Curls?

Except for 0.03mm ultra thin skin and 0.04-0.06mm super thin skin bases,
all other bases can be used for making these small curls (10mm – 22mm). e.g. Full lace, 0.08mm full skin base, Hybrid bases of lace and skin, and mono bases, etc.

  • Making Small Curls
  • Making Small Curls
  • Making Small Curls
  • Making Small Curls
  • Making Small Curls
  • Making Small Curls

Men Curly Stock Hair Systems

Customize the Curl You Want

Stock curly hair systems have limited options but no worries, we can always make the hair system you like.
For Curls within the scope of 10mm – 35mm, we can make it as a custom order in the base, hair density,
hair length and color you are looking for!

Customize Now

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