Hair Density Standards

Hair system density refers to the amount of hair that is integrated or ventilated onto the base of a hairpiece. Picking the right density is crucial to ensure that the hair system looks natural and believable on the wearer.

At LaVivid, we provide a range of 6 density levels that span from "Extra Light 60%" to "Heavy 180%.".The appropriate density will depend on various factors, such as the wearer's age, natural hair density, and hairstyle preferences.

LaVivid Hair Density Standards

The hair density standard varies among vendors, so our density may not align with that of other vendors.

How does Age affect
the choice of hair density?

Age Density Effect
Over 60 60%-80% Light density
46-60 90%-100% Medium Light density
25-45 115%-120% Medium Light density
Up to 25 120%-130% Medium Light to Medium density
Very few 150%-180% Heavy density

There is a general rule that you need to pick a density that is appropriate to your age. If you are in the older range, your hair will be lighter, and you may be in the super light (60%) to light (80%) range. If you're in your 20s and your bio hair is also thick, you may be in the range of medium light to medium range which is around 100% to 130%. If you are in your 30s or even 40s, a more proper density would be around 90% -95%. It's easy to get greedy when we first get the mens hair system and think we want all the hair in the world. But sometimes a more subtle look is better.

How does hair system base
affect the choice of density?

Different bases carry different amounts of hair.
The most delicate ultra thin skin base can only hold a light to medium light density, whereas a mono or a silk base can hold a medium to heavy density hair.

Bases and the highest density they can carry

Consider your existing hair when
you pick a hair system density

For people who are experiencing male pattern baldness, it is quite common to see they have no hair on the top of the head but still have thick hair on the sides. In this case, you can choose a density that will blend in with your existing hair.
Send us a few pictures of your existing hair like below to and our experts will assist you pick out a suitable hair system density.

TP1802  Eros

Hair Density FAQs

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  • Is it possible to have different densities across different parts of the hair unit?

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