Front Contour Shapes Guide

When you are selecting a perfect hair system, the right front Contour shape is a factor that you should never overlook. Increase with age, your front hair contour gradually changes. Having a disproportionate frontal hairline recession (for your age or hair style) is a common indication that you might be wearing a hair system. But with a right front contour shape, people can hardly tell that you are wearing one.

At LaVivid, contour shape is categorized into six types which are A, AA, B, BB, C, and CC. Contour C is a almost straight hairline being similar to that of a young man in his 20’s or 30’s, while Contour AA is similar to that of a man in his 40’s to 50’s.

What contour shape of hair systems does LaVivid have in stock?

All of our stock hair systems come with CC contour shape for the hairline. However, if you are looking for a different contour shape other than CC, we can make that happen with a custom order. You may select from contour shapes A, AA, B, BB, C, CC, or alternatively, you can send us your own contour template which we will replicate to create your desired contour shape.

How to choose the correct contour for myself ?

If you're new to using hair systems, it's advisable to opt for a CC contour as it's readily available and can be obtained quickly. By wearing it, you'll be able to see the end outcome. If you'd like a straighter look, then the C contour is a good choice, while if you prefer a more receded appearance, you may consider trying A or AA. Contours like C, A, or AA will need to be achieved through a custom order.

  • AA
  • BB
  • CC
  • AAAA
  • BBBB
  • CCCC
Should I choose a Contour tape for bonding the front hairline?

Using contour tapes that match the shape of your hair system can significantly simplify the process. For example, if the contour of your hair system is CC, using CC contour tape for the hairline will be much easier.

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