Exclusive Deals for Salons and Hairstylists

LaVivid partners with hair stylists and salons to provide services such as hair system installation, cutting, styling, coloring, perming and routine maintenance.

We’re always looking to expand our network. If you’re a salon or hair stylist that offers hair system services, feel free to enquire about a partnership with us to receive a wide range of exclusive benefits.

If you’re thinking of starting hair system services to your clients, we offer classes and a business start-up package for you to start this business successfully.

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  • Let us know if you’re interested in working with us and we can offer you a free hair replacement system sample. We only require a photo and video for the hair system sample.

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  • Here at LaVividhair.com, we have our own factory and we’ve been in the hair industry for over 20 years. We have more than 50,000 pieces of hair systems in stock and we sustain this number by constantly producing more. The wholesale rate you’ll get from us is a direct factory price and the most competitive on the market.

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  • Our business start-up package includes all the tools you' ll need for hair system services in your salon. This package includes six of our best-selling hair systems, adhesives, salon ordering tools, as well as maintenance accessories. To save you more, we' re offering a great deal on packaging all these together. Check our list below. (Please email us for the specific hair system colors after you place the order.)



    TP1804 Mirage(Full super thin skin base|0.04-0.06mm) 1
    TP1902 Coeus(Full thin skin base|0.08mm) 1
    TP1808 Achilles(Full skin base|0.1-0.12mm) 1
    TP1805 Helios(Full Swiss lace base) 1
    TP1806 Ares(French lace with skin around) 1
    TP1809 Versalite(Fine mono with PU cutaways) 1


    OT1951Men's Hair System Color Ring 1
    OT1956Curl and Wave Chart 1


    Product Catalog 1
    Wholesale Rate Sheet 1
    Custom Order Form 1


    AC1931Waterproof Ultra Hold Hair System Tape|CC Contour 2
    AC1933No-Shine Toupee Adhesive in Roll 2
    AC1934Ultra Hold Toupee Tape in Roll 2
    AC1935Sensi-Tak Hair replacement System Tape 2
    Liquid Adhesives (Ship to the U.S. ONLY)
    AC2010Walker Tape Ultra Hold Adhesive|Water-ptoof 1
    AC2011Walker Tape Great White Adhesive 1
    Remover (Ship to the U.S. ONLY)
    AC2008C22 Solvent Toupee Adhesive Remover 1
    AC2009Tape Lace Release 1
    AC2013Walker Tape 99% Isopropyl Alcohol Remover 1
    Scalp Protector (Ship to the U.S. ONLY)
    AC2006Walker Tape Scalp Protector 1.4 oz 1
    AC2007Walker Tape Max Hold Sport 1.4 oz 1
    Leave in Conditioner (Ship to the U.S. ONLY)
    AC2012Leave In Conditioner 1
  • Stay tuned for hair system training opportunities. We plan to update this page soon.