How do you get loyalty points?(100 loyalty points=$1)

Click each bar to check the details

Post a positive review on review website like or Facebook page to get 1000 loyalty points.(please send your review screenshot to

- LaVivid - LaVivid

The validity period of all loyalty points is 365 days, and then they will expire automatically.

How do you redeem loyalty points

You can redeem your points at checkout by using the points slider. Simply slide right and choose.

Loyalty points cannot be used for redeeming shipping fee or tax.

To check how many loyalty points you have, go to your account and click on “REWARDS”. See instruction details from the images below:

Loyalty points refund policy

Orders purchased with loyalty points are NOT eligible for monetary refunds but only a loyalty points refund.

Policy disclaimer

LaVivid Hair reserves the right at our discretion to make changes to these policies. Please check this page periodically for updates.

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you get 1,000 points and they get 20% OFF code

Email will be sent from:

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