Ordering Guide for Mens Hair Replacement System

Please find information and advice on Men’s Hair Replacement Systems here. We have several guides to help you decide on your first hair replacement system.

Alternatively, you can contact our experts directly, by emailing support@lavividhair.com to get guidance.

  • Base Guide

  • Color Guide

  • Density Guide

  • Hair Wave & Curls Guide

  • Front Contour Shapes Guide

  • Choosing the right base is crucial when purchasing a hair system, while the process could be daunting because there are so many options out there and each base seems different. Let us make it easy for you. The truth is there are only four basic types of base materials and they are: Lace, Skin, Monofilament (Mono) and Silk. All the different bases you see are constructed with one or a combination of these four basic materials.

    Lace Base

    Lace Base – Lace is soft, lightweight, delicate and totally breathable. There are two kinds of lace materials, Swiss lace and French lace. Swiss lace is the finest and most delicate and it needs to be handled carefully. French lace is stronger and more durable than Swiss lace. For a lace base, we usually use single knots in the front hairline and double knots elsewhere, which helps to create a natural hairline. If you exercise often, a lace base is your best choice as it is breathable. Typically, a lace base hair system can last 4-6 months with the correct care and maintenance.


    Skin – A skin base, as the name suggests, it looks and feels just like your own skin. The hair is injected, v-looped or knotted onto the base, to move just like your own hair would. Especially in the front area, the skin base can blend in with your skin seamlessly. The translucent material creates the ideal illusion that hair is growing directly from the scalp, giving you the most natural-looking appearance.

    Ever wonder how the most natural looking hair come with the Injection technique? Check below video out.

    Monofilament Base

    Monofilament Base – A mono base is thicker and stronger than lace and skin and will certainly last longer. Monofilament base hair systems can last more than 6 months. They can carry medium thick hair like 120% or 130% density. This is suitable for those who are looking for pretty thick and lush hair and also want to save some money considering the long-time investment.

    Silk Top Base

    Silk Top Base – A silk top base creates the most natural and scalp looking hairline. Using a tri-layer system, when the hair is knotted, the knots are made below the silk concealed between the layers, the hair is then injected through the silk material making the knots 100% invisible, giving the illusion that the hair is growing out of your scalp. Even the silk top base has three layers, it is very breathable though. If you sweat a lot, work out frequently or live in a humid climate, it is a good option.

    Wonder how the base is made? Check below video out..

    Mixed Base

    Mixed Base – You don’t need to be restricted to just the above 4 options. There are combinations. You can mix lace with skin, mono with skin, silk top with skin, and even silk top, skin and lace depending on your specific needs.

    Still cannot decide which base to choose? Feel free to contact us through support@lavividhair.com and our customer service experts will assist you choose the most suitable base for your lifestyle, wearing routine, budgets, etc.

  • Here you will find all the colors in our stock hair systems. They include solid colors, blended gray colors and ash colors.

    For the gray colors, the number behind the color# refers to how much percentage of gray hair is blended in. For example, #2 represents dark brown color, while #210 refers to a dark brown color blended with 10% gray hair and #220 refers to dark brown color blended with 20% gray hair. Please also kindly note that the gray hair blended in is synthetic hair.

    “R” in the color numbers means that the certain color is one shade lighter than the color in front of the ‘R’. For example, 4R means medium brown with one shade lighter.

    Colors may show differently on different devices. The colors displayed below are just for your reference. Please order the color ring or mail us your hair sample for a better color match.






  • Density refers to the amount of hair that is ventilated onto the base of a hair system. Picking the right density is one of the most important factors because it determines whether it will look believable or not.

    At LaVivid, we offer 6 different levels of density varying from ‘Extra Light 50%’ to ‘Heavy 180%’. Extra light is more for people in their 60’s while Heavy is best for people in their 20’s or even younger.

    Why Density Is So Important?

    It is quite common for people experiencing hair loss to want their lush hair back. Sometimes, they might choose more hair than is realistic for their age. The truth is that the higher the density is, the more detectable the hair system becomes. A heavy density hair is also more expensive, less breathable, more time-consuming to style and maintain, and less comfortable.

    How to choose a right density?

    There are many factors that affect the density. Follow the below tips and learn to choose the right density.
    Effect Density Age
    Extra Light 50% Over 60
    Light 80% 46-60
    Light to Medium 100% 25-45
    Medium 130% Up to 25
    Medium to Heavy 150% Up to 20
    Heavy 180% Very few

    Consider the above chart only as a reference to the most appropriate density for your age. It doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. Your existing hair amount is also a very important factor to consider when choosing the hair density.

    The Density of Existing Hair
    For people who are experiencing male pattern baldness, it is quite common to see they have no hair on the top of the head but still have thick hair on the sides. In this case, you can choose a density that will blend in with your existing hair.
    Base Type

    Different bases carry different amounts of hair. The most delicate lace base and ultra thin skin base can only hold a light to medium light density, whereas a mono or a silk base can hold a medium to heavy density hair. If you have a very active lifestyle, a lace base is a good option for you. Lace bases hold a medium light density of 90% best. If you need a higher density, then the delicate lace material is not ideal. Instead you can opt for a combined base of lace and skin which can carry a higher density.



    Wave and Curl
    For the same density, wavy or curly hair will look much thicker than straight hair. The tighter the wave is, the thicker it appears.

    Each vendor has its own standard for the hair density and our density may be different than other vendors’.

    Also, as each hair system is individually handcrafted, you may find the density of your hair system varies among different orders.

    If you are still confusing about choosing the right density, please connect with our experts at support@lavividhair.com and we will help to find the perfect match for you.

  • Understanding what wave or curl pattern to choose for your hair system can make all the difference in achieving a natural appearance.

    At LaVivid, we offer many wave and curl options to meet your specific needs. 28mm to 30mm rod size waves are most popular and you can find them in our stock hair systems. For other wave or curl options, we can customize for you. You can choose from our wave/curl chart below, or you can send us your hair sample and we can customize the exact same curl pattern just for you.

    Below you will find the details for each wave and curl pattern and how it looks on a real person. Please kindly note that the person is not wearing a hair system in the pictures. They are just for your reference.

    • Afro – The rod size for Afro is around 1/8 inch and the hair is a tight kink.

    • Medium Afro – 3/16 inch rod size is a slightly looser afro kink-curl.

    • Tight Curl – It is in around 3/8 inch rod size, which are small curls. You can open it to 3/4 inch curl.

    • Medium Curl – 1/2 inch rod size will open to approximately 1 inch curl. This can also be wave or curl depending on the direction it dries. Wet it and scrunch into curls or comb flat for a wave.

    • Tight Wave – 3/4 inch rod size will open to approximately 1-1/2 inch wave. Remember, if this is cut shorter than two inches most of the curl will be gone.

    • Medium Wave – 7/8 inch rod size will open to approximately 1-3/4 inch wave. This will be a light wave and is the most common wave used for most styles.

    • Body Wave – 9/10 inch rod size will open to an approximately 2 inch wave, the light movement and body will remain.

    • Straight Hair – It is natural straight hair. It might bend after a night’s sleeping. After washing and slight styling, it will become straight again.

    Except for the Afro and Medium Afro texture, curl patterns will always become looser gradually after several washings and wearing. It must be noted that for lighter hair, the curls may not hold their shape for as long as dark hair where the curls are naturally more sturdy.

    Connect with our experts at support@lavividhair.com to find out which curl pattern is for you.

  • When you are selecting a perfect hair system, the right front Contour shape is a factor that you should never overlook. Increase with age, your front hair contour gradually changes. Having a disproportionate frontal hairline recession (for your age or hair style) is a common indication that you might be wearing a hair system. But with a right front contour shape, people can hardly tell that you are wearing one.

    At LaVivid, contour shape is categorized into six types which are A, AA, B, BB, C, and CC. Contour C is a almost straight hairline being similar to that of a young man in his 20’s or 30’s, while Contour AA is similar to that of a man in his 40’s to 50’s.

    • C

    • CC

    • A

    • AA

    Temporarily, we only provide front contours ranging from A to C. If yours is not one of these, please send us your template and we will customize for you. Connect with us now at support@lavividhair.com

    To make sure that your hair system contour can be well secured, we provide you with the corresponding contour tapes.

    Contours Picture
    Super A
    Super C
    Super CC

    Visit our Accessories page for more details about our contour tapes. Or contact our experts directly at support@lavividhair.com to let us help you find the correct product.