Why Toupee Hairpieces Are the Best Solution for Male Balding?

April 17, 2020 Men's Hair Loss Views: 2205

A toupee hairpiece is an artificial lock of hair used to cover a bald spot or an area on the head with hair loss. The advantage of hairpieces is that they can be attached to the existing hair making a temporary or permanent hair loss replacement solution. The use of hair toupees has surpassed the usual purpose of offering hair loss solutions, as they are now also worn to enhance looks.

Toupees on Lavividhair.com come in different colors, shapes and texture. A good hairpiece should be customized to fit the area of the head with hair loss perfectly. Since hair loss may be inevitable to some people, it is recommended that you secure hair systems such as toupees. Hair systems raise self-esteem and also make people accept hair loss as any other condition in life.

What are the advantages of wearing a toupee hairpiece:

•It is stylish

Since men toupees are available in a variety of colors, cuts and lengths, it more comfortable to choose your preferable style each time you need it. Men toupees do not necessarily require a makeover of the pre-existing hair. If you want a hair system that matches your looks, then you should try the hairpieces at Lavividhair.com.

•They save on time

Wearing a toupee saves on the time needed for styling. The washing frequency needed for hair systems is significantly reduced since they are not exposed to the oily environment of the scalp. You may need to style a toupee once and its style can last for a week. Some hairpieces do not at all require styling and maintenance, especially if they are synthetic.

You will, however, need to acquire some maintenance items such as a toupee hairpiece holder priced at $9.91 from lavividhair, to keep your hair system in the required condition. You will also find other styling tools such as a fine-tooth comb for $1 and a bristle comb for $9.9 in the maintenance accessories page of lavividhair. If you are the person who barely finds time in the morning to style your hair, you need to grab yourself a toupee from Lavividhair.com.

•It is cheaper

Compared to other hair replacement methods such as laser therapy and surgical procedures, wearing toupees is cheaper. With lavividhair you will ultimately get value for your money as the toupees here are priced at very competitive prices. The free worldwide shipping on the orders over $99 on lavividhair makes the shopping experience even more budget friendly. Instead of getting embarrassed with hair loss, which is a normal condition, you should secure a toupee. With the significant price cuts on lavividhair, you may even find yourself buying toupees in multiples enabling you to change your looks even more frequently.

•Instant results

Since you do not want to live with hairless patches on your head for a long time, it is recommended that you choose a more robust method of hair replacement. Toupees, as opposed to invasive hair loss replacement methods, offer the advantage of an immediate solution to your hair loss. The possibility of customization of hair toupees to suit personal needs also adds to the quick change of looks.


While many men fear to wear a hair replacement system since they think they are noticeable, toupees are customized with thin bases at lavividhair to ensure that no one will notice when you are wearing them. If you have concerns about skin color, then lavividhair offers a variety of skin hair toupees to match your skin color. There are toupees at lavividhair to make sure that regardless of your occupation, there are still toupees for you. You will find a couple of toupees for business people and celebrities on lavividhair.com.

toupee hairpieces

•Offer customizable coverage

Depending on the size of your scalp with hair loss, a hairpiece can be customized to match the area. As opposed to wigs, it is possible to cover partial baldness with a toupee. This makes toupees the right hair system to bring back your confidence when walking amidst people.

Toupee hairpiece offered by Lavividhair

•Lace toupees

lace toupee

A lace toupee is a thin and lightweight hairpiece that comes with a skin or mono base. This type of hairpiece provides the advantage of enhanced comfortability when worn and increased durability. Lace toupees are an elegant style for men offering a more straightforward way of covering their exposed scalp. Their transitioning density hairline makes it unnoticeable when worn.

A lace toupee may be used solely or as a part of a bigger hair loss replacement system. This hairpiece is also recommended for men living in humid areas. You will find German, French and Swiss laces to choose from in lavividhair. From as low as $185, you can acquire a lace toupee on lavividhair.com and it will be delivered right at your doorstep.

•Skin hair toupees

These hair replacement systems offer the advantage of perfect matching of the hair color and skin color. The skin base is made in a way that it blends perfectly with the skin color. If you want a hair thinning treatment that complements your skin color, then a skin toupee is the hair system to go for. An example of a Skin hair toupee at lavividhair.com is an Eros men’s hair system going for $215. This skin hair toupee is very good for people in business.

men hair loss

•Mono hair toupees

This is the type of hair system you need if you live in very hot areas. The hairpiece is made of a mono-filament base with a skin around it. This thin material allows heat and sweat to escape from the scalp bringing a cooling effect. You will find several mono hair toupees on lavividhair.com toupees page made with poly coatings and scallop fronts.

•Silk hair toupees

Men with soft and glossy hair are not left behind when it comes to hair replacement systems. A silk hair toupee has no knots and tangles and when worn and seem like they are growing from your soft scalp. A $209 Prometheus bald men hairpiece is an example of a durable and luxurious silk hair toupee at lavividhair.

To replace that vivid look you had before you had hair thinning, you should consider purchasing a toupee hairpiece. At lavividhair, you will find hair systems to match all your needs at affordable prices. With lavividhair, you will enjoy a 10% off your first toupee purchase.


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