Why the European Hair is Most Popular among All the Hair Types?

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Most people think there are two to three types of Hair; Straight, curly, and wavy. Now there are different variations of them, but they are classified under the mentioned three groups. We cannot say that this is wrong, but there is more to hair types and choosing the right one for your hair system is more essential than you think as;

1- They will determine the look of your hair system and the feel they give you.

2- They need to match your hair type for a more realistic look.

European hair

Whereas in the world of Hair Replacement Systems, these three types of Hair are secondary, the primary hair type and their sources are the determining factors of their price and quality. When the hairpieces of Hair Replacement systems are being developed, the hair types are instead defined in different terms, and all of them are entirely different from each other. The Hair used in the Hair Replacement System will be from the following hair types; Synthetic Hair, Natural Human Hair, Remy Hair, and Last and the most in-demand European Human Hair.

Any person who has some knowledge of hair systems, wigs, and hair toupees will always ask before getting a hair system if that hairpiece is made up of European Human Hair. But why do they do that? What is European Hair? And why is it so famous among all the other hair types?

Well, the thing is most people want the finest quality material and product if they are going to use it every day, especially if it is about the most critical aspect of their appearance, i.e., Hair. Unknowingly, when people ask for European Human Hair, they ask for the most beautiful quality hair. The thing about European Hair that makes it so different from all the other hair systems is that it has its Cuticle intact with the Hair. Now you must be wondering what exactly Cuticle is? Wait, Don't Google it, Cuticle is the outermost layer of the Hair which helps in protecting the Hair in the very long term while keeping it looking healthy and luscious precisely like your normal Hair. The thing with Cuticle intact Hair is that it takes a longer time in processing and manufacturing as all the Hair needs to be in the same direction to prevent any loss of Hair by tangling. Most hair manufacturers strip the cuticles from the Hair to keep the manufacturing process easier and faster. This is not the case with European Human Hair as it requires proper care, time, and monitoring to be manufactured, resulting in a much higher quality product.

The deal with European Hair is that people think they come from Europe when in reality. European Human Hair comes from the European Decedents or Anglo. The hair texture of European Human Hair is rather beautiful and silky. Mostly they are lightweight and have light density. Compared to all the other Hair types, European Human Hair takes the lead in most easily being colored or styled. This type f hair is often referred to as Caucasian as well as relating to the western world. If we know the relation between the demand and supply, we can understand the lesser the amount, the higher the order. That's the same math with European Human Hair wigs or Toupees less production, more work, less supply, and incredibly vast demand.

Usually, the European Human Hair has shades of lighter brown colors or different shades of blond, automatically opening all sorts of doors to styling, dying, or revamping them. They are also the least processed human Hair and are recommended for you if you have a more beautiful hair texture with a silky smooth touch. Yes, they are probably the best option for Caucasian hair type, but it is also widely used by people with different hair types.

What you probably will not realize is how Russian Hair is also a European descent. Russian Hair is the most excellent quality of European Hair. As Russians are known to have proper hair care routine, Properly nutritional needs, the Hair they have is the most luscious, healthy-looking, and most beautiful Hair in the market. The European Hair is also a virgin, meaning it has not been ever dyed or processed. Because of their so many specific qualities, this type of Hair is tough to get; hence it is known to be the most authentic form of human Hair.

One more reason to love European Hair is that they have always been the masters of the hair game even when Hair was not considered such a big deal. From the 1910s to the 2020s, Europeans have seemed to marvel the art of the perfect Hair.

Now if we come to the Most Important Question;

Where can I get a European Human Hair Wig or a Hair System?

If something is rare, in demand and expensive, people tend to be more skeptical about buying them online. If we are talking about Hair Replacement System, the issue remains the same. You will most probably doubt the source and be a tad afraid of getting cheated. There is no need to worry as Lavivid Hair offers you the most excellent quality, top-grade European Human Hair wigs, and Hair Systems. Being in the industry for over two decades, Lavivid Hair has gained millions of trusted customers worldwide. With Lavivid Hair's help, you can get your hands on any style of hair system of almost any color in European Hair. You can even get your very own unique Hair Replacement System made out of European Hair from Lavivid Hair acing every requirement for your hairpiece. Hair is so natural and beautiful that it will not be prone to damage for a long time.

So to summarize, when are you getting your European Human Hair Wig for yourself?


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