Why Can’t One Men’s Hair Piece Give You both Undetectability and Durability At the Same Time?

December 25, 2019
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We always receive requests like this: “I want the most undetectable hair system on the market, and I expect it to last at least 6 months.” The truth is that you cannot expect one hair system to be the most undetectable as well as have a long life-span at the same time. Different hair systems have different advantages.

Being Transparent and Undetectable Requires Thin and Delicate Material

ultra thin toupee

Take our Eros men’s hair system for example. The skin base is 0.02mm-0.03mm thick and it is the most transparent base available on the market. It is the most delicate material base. Thin bases look highly realistic and less bulky on top. However, it’s impossible for it to last longer than 6 or more months. With the correct care and maintenance, this base can last 2-3 months.  


The Thinnest Base Can Carry a Limited Amount of Hair

Again, take our Eros ultra-thin hair toupee for instance. The most hair it can carry is 90% density, which is a light to medium light hair thickness. Some people might find this amount of hair too thin. However, often the less hair on the base, the more natural it can look. Another thing to consider is that the hair density should be consistent with your age and how much hair you have on your back and sides.

See the below picture. One of our influencers is wearing our Eros hair toupee. Do you think the hair is thin? I bet not.

natural looking toupee

Find Your Perfect Compromise

We have over 20 styles of stock men’s hair systems and you’ll find one that can give you a little bit of each thing you’re looking for.

If you like the Eros ultra-thin hair piece, but you cannot afford 4-5 pieces a year, then consider a slightly thicker base to gain a longer lasting time.

Mirage toupee

This is our Mirage hair system and it’s a little thicker than Eros. Mirage can last longer at approximately 4-6 months, which is 2-3 pieces a year. The front hairline is v-looped just like Eros and it will offer you a very natural front hairline too.

If Mirage is still not economic for you, checkout our Coeus thin skin hair system below.

thin skin hair system

Coeus thin skin hair system is a little bit thicker than Mirage and can last 6-9 months which is only 1-2 pieces a year.

Also, a lace front hair system can also provide a very natural hairline. So a skin with lace front base can offer you that natural front hairline and also a long lasting time too.

lace front toupee

How to Balance Undetectability and Durability Among 4 Poly Bases

poly hair systems

Among these 4 poly units, from the left to the right, the undetectability rate is declining while the durability rate is increasing. So Eros is the most undetectable one while Achilles is the most durable one. You can choose them according to your requirment.

Wearing a fringe

Usually thick skin bases and strong monofilament bases can last a very long time. Some might last more than a year. However, the base is not very transparent. In this case, wearing a slight fringe with your hair system can make the front area look more natural. Ask your hair system stylist to make a hairstyle with a fringe for you, so the fringe can cover the detectable front hairline effectively.

Choosing the right density for your age is very important. For example, for a person in his 20s, he will look great with 130% hair. While for an old man in his 50's, a lighter density of 90% will be the best for him. Below pictures are the evidence.

choose the right density for your age

If you’re not sure which style to pick, feel free to contact us at [email protected] and our hair system experts will be very happy to help you pick your perfect style.