How to Choose the Best False Hair for Men?

October 12, 2020

When choosing false hair for men there are some aspects you should look for to ensure that you get the right wig. One of the aspects is the base material. Base comes in direct contact with your skin, so your choice will determine whether you will feel comfortable with the wig or not. There are several materials that are used to create the foundation of a false hair wig. Read on to get familiar with them, learn about their advantages and drawbacks and decide eventually which one fits you best.

1. Monofilament/mono

Monofilament is one of the most popular bases. It is chosen by many men because of its durability, being able to survive half a year of daily use. This base is also praised for its breathability. If speaking of disadvantages, a mono base is too thick and doesn’t provide one of the best looks, because its color contrasts with the color of the skin, making it easily detectable. This is why monofilament is applied only on wigs that feature a higher hair density so that the abundance of hair covers the edges of the base to make them invisible. Also, consisting of a thick layer of material, this base can feel like a burden after some days of using.

2. Full lace base

This one is the lightest base material available. It consists of a thin layer of lace that encourages breathability, provides a natural look and fuses with the skin excellently, making it impossible to notice. The base is also one of the cheapest foundation materials, which helps reduce the overall price of the wig. The greatest drawback of full lace is that it is not durable. Consisting of just a fragile piece of fabric, the base wears down fast, requiring replacement every two months.

3. Lace front base   

While full lace and lace front are often believed to be the same thing, they are still different. Truth be said, both of them have lace in their composition. However, the lace front base has a piece of lace only at the front hairline, while full lace covers the entire head. The other part of the lace front base consists of a thick non-transparent material that is harder to tear and gives more durability. The piece of lace is used to make the hairline as natural looking as possible since lace is versatile in adopting the color of the skin of the scalp. 

Many bald men choose lace front foundation because it is easier to maintain, due to the little amount of lace in its structure. A significant drawback of this base is reduced comfort. The thick fabric can feel sometimes a burden given its weight and make you feel hot during sunny days. It also impedes the scalp from breathing, which makes it sweat fast, requiring frequent washing.     

4. Skin

If you look for false hair for men, you may also consider choosing a skin base. The biggest advantage of this base is its natural blending and undetectability. The fragile and almost transparent membrane allows the skin color to show through the base, giving the impression that hair grows directly from your scalp. Moreover, the skin involves a hassle-free application and removal, and it is very easy to look for and clean. The things that may give you a pause in buying this base are reduced durability and poor ventilation.

The membrane is delicate and easy to tear and distort its shape while pulling the base to cover the head. Due to the lack of a netting structure like in a lace base, the skin base is highly inefficient in providing a good breathability.

To sum up, the advanced technologies in crafting modern wigs have allowed for at least four types of base for you to choose from. Depending on your preferences, you may select either a skin base that is impossible to detect and is easy to clean up, a lace front that provides a natural look and is easy to maintain, a full lace that offers a luxury breathability at a cheap price or a mono base that allows for great ventilation and is the most durable base on the market. There are also drawbacks for each base, so you need to take your time and do the math properly to come up with the base that satisfies your needs best.