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Hair loss is a prevalent issue, but if anyone has an individual loses hair due to any issue, they avoid meeting people and stop gathering with their close ones. Don't be worried, In the technology world, anything has a solution. Here we will help you to know how you can cover up this hair loss issue with a different solution. There are two solutions for hair loss or surgery, and the second is non-surgical. 

The surgical process is expensive and needs surgery and medication according to the situation. But many people avoid surgery and find an alternative, and then a non-surgical method is the best choice for everyone. It's affordable, easy to carry, and skin-friendly for everyone.

Non-surgical hair replacement systems include hair wigs, hair pieces, hair toupee extension, and hair Patches. These are the same, but the difference is only in magnification. These types further have huge versatility in design, base materials, and hair texture. According to your hair problem, you can choose which part you have an issue with, baldness or hair thinning. 

So here, first, we will explain what a hair patch is. And why we prefer this solution.

What is a Hair Patch?

A hair patch is a non-surgical solution for hair baldess or spot. It's well processed and small piece of real Remy or synthetic hairs. That conceals a specific area of the head that has bald spots. It's a quick solution to hide hair thinning and add volume to natural-looking human hair looks. This is an Eco-friendly, simple, and effective technique used to attach the hair patch to your head. They attached the hair Patches by using the Clips method. It is a valuable material that comes on a patch's base and is comfortable and secure.

How Are Hair Patch Constructed?

Hair patches are constructed of a silicon base, which has permeability in the middle and provides good oxidation, and hairs are applied over it.

Every age of people, teenagers, adults, and older people face hair loss issues due to some reasons. However, hair patches come in huge versatility in styles and colors. You will be able to choose a perfect hair patch that blends perfectly with your natural hair.

Types Of Hair Patches

There are wide varieties of hair patches for men and women with fine hair available in the market today. You can choose the hair patch that properly fit your hair loss. There are two types of hair patches are 

  • ●Full lace hair patches 
  • ●Permanent hair patches

What is a Full Lace Hair Patch? 

This is specially designed for women to cover hair loss without damaging natural hair. This provides an excellent look to your hair, and nobody can determine it's fake. You can create any style confidently, whether you keep your hair down or gather them up.

What is a Permanent Hair Patch? 

A Permanent Hair Patch is a non-surgical method designed to hide the bald spots to gain full hair. You can get these hair replacements only from branded and high-level hair salons. A permanent hair patch can fill the gaps of the strands and give you natural-looking hair.

Difference between Hair wig and Hair Patch

If anyone has confused between a hair wig and a patch. The difference is only between a hair patch and a wig built up according to the hair loss problem, which is affected by the head's range. So, the hair patch covers only specific spots on the head, and a wig covers the whole head.  

Due to pollution and unhealthy food or poor lifestyle, chemical product usage, and cancer, individuals lose their hair and cause hair loss. And for most people who suffer from alopecia diseases, a hair wig is ideal for covering their head quickly. A natural-looking human hair wig can give excellent volume and length with a perfect realistic look.

People search for the best solution to cover up hair loss, so a hairpiece, hair extensions, wigs, and hair patches help individuals feel confident by covering their hair baldness and patches. If anyone is completely bald, they can wear hair wigs and toppers. But if people have severe hair loss issues or hair loss patches, then the best solution is Hair extensions that give natural looks to your hair and add length and thickness for people with thin hair.

How to Care for a Hair Patch?

Below are some tips in bullet points, so read carefully that will be helpful to care for a hair patch.                                           

Things to be kept in mind

  • ●For less sweating, give preference to a sieve hair wig or hair patch.
  • ●Keep it hygienic, and we'll maintain
  • ●If someone is highly sensitive, allergies may occur on the scalp, but the probability is too low.
  • ●Avoid pulling and stretching hair patches.
  • ●Do not use a heated element.
  • ●Avoid any cosmetics with hair patches.
  • ●Use a regular mild shampoo and avoid chemical products to prevent dirt or dust on the scalp.
  • ●It's better to use a quality conditioner and serum to maintain your hair. 
  • ●If you want to increase the durability of the hair patch system, you should remove it while sleeping.
  • ●Use your fingernail to flick the edge of hairpiece tape gently.
  • ●It's better to wash your head twice a week. 

How Is The Hair Patch Installation Done?

There are two ways to do hair patch fixing.

  • ●Cosmetic glues and tapes.
  • ●Small Clips.

The hair patch procedure is quite simple because it is done by clips or glue methods. The installation methods are done according to customer preferences and which method they choose for Installation. These methods do not cause any allergic reactions on the scalp.

Firstly, examine the customer's scalp and bald size and then cut the patch according to the area and shape of the baldness. 

Second, the sports area is cleaned, applied to the scalp protector, and left for 2 minutes. Later, carefully apply the hair patch to the coveted section of the head and press on it for a few minutes. It's done.

What Are Advantages of a Hair Patch System?

There are many benefits of using hair patches.

  • ●A hair patch is a non-surgical procedure that isn't harmful in any case.
  • ●Hair patch fixing is a simple and quick hair loss solution nowadays.
  • ●Affordable method
  • ●Hair Patch Comes in lots of style and color options.
  • ●It allows you to try different hairstyles without damaging your scalp.
  • ●Durable and reliable way.
  • ●Easy installation
  • ●Less harmful than other solutions
  • ●Natural-looking human hair option for women.
  • ●It can last up Up to 5 years.

Disadvantages of Hair Patch Fixing

  • ●There are no significant drawbacks to the hair patch system.

Is a Hair Patch Permanent?

Yes! A Hair patch treatment is a semi-permanent non-surgical hair replacement system and can last up to 5 years. It is a simple way to hide patches or bald areas with the help of strong glue, which is commonly used in cosmetics. And the other way is clipping. The glue and clips are pretty safe and non-allergenic. This method is the best choice for those people who do not want a surgical procedure.

Cost of Hair Patch Systems?

Hair patches come with different price tags according to material and quality. Usually, hair patches start from $100 to $250. Pricing also depends on the hair loss extent and the hair loss area.


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