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When you are trying with “men hair peace” on the internet, you will receive thousands of information about men’s toupees even if you type “hairpieces” wrong. What toupees should be worn by men? What are the differences between Swiss lace and French lace? Today there are more than 200 hairstyles created in the toupee industry for men and women. Let’s learn more! 

Things you need to know about French lace and Swiss lace

If you are new to toupee wearing, you might hear from others that full lace toupees are recommended for natural-looking performance. They tend to look extremely realistic and are lightweight, which makes them fit every day to men or women who wear them on any occasion. 

There are two different types of lace for men’s hairpieces. But to many new wearers, they will get confused about which one to choose. Are they all belonging to lace toupees? Yes, we are talking about the base lace type of lace toupees. Here we will give you some information about these two types of lace. They are both popular among men. 

French lace is thicker than Swiss lace as it has smaller lace base holes. The durability of this kind of toupee is extended by reinforced stitching, which also helps to keep the original shape and contour. It is more in need than the swiss lace among new wearers because they are somehow inexperienced at toupee application and removal. So for some men, a full French lace toupee is preferred. 

Swiss lace is thinner and softer than French lace due to its larger mesh hole. This makes it less durable and visible. Some first-time users will find the swiss lace is easily broken when applying. You will need to apply and remove it carefully and gently. The maintenance is the same for any kind of toupees.


Do you want to buy both Swiss lace and French lace? If you have an interest in buying men’s hairpieces, we suggest you try them on with different bases and materials to see whether they are comfortable wearing. You can choose the base first and then choose the hairstyles and hair colors. Comfortable-wearing is the rock of the toupee. You will only experience its beauty as long as you wear it comfortably. 

Put “men hair peace” into searching? Buy them online

There is a lot to learn when it goes to men’s toupees, especially when it goes to toupee buying. You can either purchase them online or in local stores. If you put ”men hair peace” into searching, pages of men hairpiece websites will bounce out. Even with wrong typing, the internet can always give the appropriate related information! 

Firstly, you could lock down some online shopping platforms for men’s toupees. You can either go to Amazon and other big retailers, or other individual and professional toupee producers. The prices you buy from the toupee direct seller or producer are way cheaper than you buy from Amazon. This is no doubt. And the quality may even better!

And after turns of comparison and checking, you can try to make an order of a toupee. This is quite simple and easy. But before you do, you can check the shipping details, see if they support a refund, or return if your toupees are not what you want. The shipping policies on different platforms are different. 

Lavivid hair is one of the most experienced sellers and producers that sell toupees for men. Go to this website: https://www.lavividhair.com/ You can see the prices of all kinds of toupees for men. Like other shopping platforms, there is a review and Q&A area for you to understand the items more. And you can always go through the policy to see how to return the item if you find it does not suit you in seven days upon receipt.



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