What’s The Benefit of A Men’s Stock Hair piece?

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You may have reservations about purchasing a men's stock hair piece. Perhaps, you've been made to believe they're not of good quality. Well, put that thought out of your mind, as some of the best and highest-quality toupees are stock made. What you need is a bit of knowledge regarding these types, to set your mind at peace.

What Is A Stock Hair Piece?

stock hairpiece is a premade hair system solution. What this means is they're off-the-shelf designs and styles created based on a general understanding of the male natural hair system nature. They differ from custom and duplicate types in the sense that they're already manufactured and ready for sale, in different sizes and designs for you to choose from.

Men’s Stock Hair Systems - The Perks

The fact that these types of toupees are premade doesn't in any way make it disadvantageous. On the contrary, a men's stock hairpiece comes with some perks that make it appealing to lots of users. Below are a few of those:

1. Great Design Options

Because they're premade, stock toupees arrive in a wide variety of styles to choose from. This makes them quite flexible in the selection, as you have lots of options based on hair volume, size, color, and design.

2. Varying Hair Types

With a stock hairpiece, you get the choice between the different hair types available. And because they're premade, all you have to do is seek out one that works best for you.

3. Price

Stock hair systems are more affordable compared to custom and duplicate ones. This is because each style is designed and mass-produced, so the manufacturing costs are lesser, in contrast to custom-made versions which are created individually.

Types of Men’s Stock Hair System

Since they're made to suit a wide variety of customers, men's stock hair systems are created in different forms. But the basic disparity lies in two features, which are hair type and base material.

Hair Type: Natural vs Synthetic

For hair type, you get the option between natural and artificial hair. The natural stock hairpieces are great for the best real look and can be tended to like your natural hair. They're also very long-lasting and can serve you for extensive periods of use, depending on the type you buy and how well you care for them.

Also, available are the synthetic stock toupees. These types are made with artificial hair and are designed to look as close to real human hair as possible. Surprisingly, artificial toupees are also long-lasting, though the natural types are better in that light. But their greatest advantage is they're easiest to style, as the follicles are designed to suit this purpose.

Some stock hairpieces are also made with a combination of both natural and artificial hair. These types carry the best features from both sides, namely the long-lasting natural hair advantage and the styling flexibility of the synthetic. However, they can be quite expensive, but considering the pros, it's a win.

Base Material

All stock hair system bases are made from two choice materials; mesh fabric or polymer. Each type determines how you can wear them and the best type of adhesive to use if you consider such.

Mesh Fabric

Fabric base stock toupees are made from either polyester or nylon. Whichever is used, the result is an extremely breathable base that promotes heat escape and air movement. As such, these types offer extreme comfort and can come as silk or lace, the former being most comfortable. But they're best for short term use and can be quite pricey.

Polymer Material

Polymer base stock hairpieces, however, are made from polyurethane or silicone. The result is a base scalp that looks and feels like your real skin. This feature also allows them to be colored to fit a variety of human skin tones. Plus, the polymer base is welcoming to all sorts of hairpiece adhesives. But because of the density of the material, they trap heat between the toupee and scalp, and as such, are most suitable for a colder environment.

Final Thoughts

Now you see how great men's stock hairpieces can be. With the information above, you're sure to pick something that works for you any day, any time.

As a final note, remember to treat your toupee with care, so it lasts longer. You can do this by storing on a mannequin, regular combing, and cleaning, and adherence to hairpiece adhesive guidelines.

As a piece of takeaway advice, check out Helios Lace Unit which we consider one of the best stock toupees available on the market.


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