What Will Affect the Effectiveness of Adhesives When Wearing A Hair System

December 31, 2021 Hair System Adhesives Views: 1500

When we get our first hair system, in the first couple of months we're constantly checking our hairline to see if it's loose, if it's flapping, or if it looks real. Some people might go into the bathroom almost every hour to see if it was still sticking if it was still firmly adhered to their head. Temperate is the biggest factor that causes the front hairline to release and not be adherent.

Let's talk a little bit about what adhesives are and how they work first. An adhesive is something that creates a chemical bond between two different surfaces that allows adhesion simple enough. Right now what you'll find though in most adhesive materials is that they work in a specific range and on specific materials. The biggest factor in the adhesion lifespan is if it's staying inside of those parameters that it's designed to function in. We think about duct tape, if you use duct tape in basically any normal situation, normal temperatures, it's gonna stick very well if you don't expose it to water or to any type of degradation. But what happens when we heat up the duct tape or expose it to things like water or things with different salts in. All these things have an effect on adhesives, and the same is true for our hair systems.

Going back into the subject of the front hairline and being new wear, people are always being worried about its release, or that it's not quite as sticky as it once was. The main thing that you're going to encounter is that as soon as you heat up, for instance, if you're working out or if you go outside on a sunny day, your body temperature rises. If you go check in the bathroom and see if it's still adhering, you will find that it might be a little bit looser. The reason for this is that the adhesive is somewhat liquefying. It's not turning to like water but it's loosening these bonds because the bonds work in a certain temperature range optimally. After they start going outside of that temperature range, especially as they get hotter, the solid nature of the adhesives starts to break down. Those chemical bonds start to heat up and they start to break apart, and that's general chemistry knowledge as soon as particulate matter heats up or more energy is put into it.

All you can do is cool down. If you dry all that extra liquid out of that area, the adhesive often will re-bond. It will retake as you cool down, as it cools down, and as the water evaporates from your sweat. If you are going into a situation where you're really worried about it falling off, just re-bond your hair system maybe the day before. 


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