The Guide to Help You If You Cannot Find A Local Salon to Apply Your Hair System

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Wearing a hair system is becoming a more and more popular solution that people take to cover their thinning hair. However, you need to find a salon to apply the hair system for you especially for beginner wearers. The problem is not all salon provide this service. The truth is only a minor group of salons provide professional hair systems fit in service.

So what to do if you want to wear a hair system but cannot find a local salon who provides this service?

Here we provide two options for you to consider.


Base Pre-cut by LaVivid Hair

Cutting the hair system base on the size you need is actually not an easy job. It requires professional skills to do this. Here at LaVivid, we have craftsmen who have been doing this for more than 20 years. So you just need to give us your size and we will cut the base accordingly.

So how to measure the base correctly? Please watch the below video for how to do that. 

After we have your base size, we will make a template based on the numbers you provide and will cut the base to match your size.

Or you can send us your template if you prefer and we will cut the base against your template.

So whats next? How can I get the hair cut?

After the base been cut, then you need to get the hair system applied. If the salon doesn’t know how to put it on, then you can put it on yourself. Here is a video to show you how to apply the hair system on. 

Then you can wear the hair system and go to any salon that can cut hair for people and get the hair system cut. The stylist will blend the hair system hair to your own hair.

So just leave the professional work to professionals and yourself only need to put the hair system on. 

Base and Hair Pre-cut by LaVivid Hair

measure size

Here is another option which is letting LaVivid haircutting the base and hair before shipping it out to you. To choose this service, you also need to tell us the size you need and tell us the hairstyle you need by sending pictures.

For the hairstyle pictures, you can search on Pinterest or Google to find the hairstyle you want. Here is a video from one of our customers who selected our pre-cut service. 

So if you cannot find a professional salon to fit in the hair system for you, consider these two options. If you have any other questions about our service or product, please feel free to contact us by




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