What Cause Hair Loss And How Hair Replacement System Solve It?

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There are many widely known misconceptions and myths surrounding the legitimate causes and origins of hair-loss. The fables surrounding hair loss in men are substantial and more prominent particularly. The related hearsay about hair loss could be confounding and confusing for those enduring and suffering from the problem.

Therefore, it is of foremost importance that the causes of hair loss must be known before any type of treatment, whether at home or in hospital. You should keep in mind that remedies are not meant to cure baldness or grow your hair back, especially if you are suffering from a specific illness that causes hair loss. Even though many different procedures claim to be the best in this area, Hair replacement systems have more expertise in dealing with hair loss than any other solution. The biggest reason for that is people trust hair systems to offer a realistic appearance without going through an invasive procedure.

Finding the underlying reasons behind your hair loss is as important as finding a cure. You can never treat your hair fall effectively when you don’t know the reason behind your severe hair fall. If you are wondering what causes hair loss commonly, then we have the perfect guide for you.

Common Causes of Hair Loss In Men

Male Pattern Hair Loss

Androgenetic alopecia or male pattern hair loss is the prime cause of hair loss in the greater count of male cases. When men reach their age of puberty, their hair begins to thin out naturally subsequently. The hair weakening and losing process becomes prompter with the increase in age. 20% of men start to show male pattern hair loss symptoms when they reach the age of 20 years, while 40% of men show signs in their forties. The percentage count depicting androgenetic alopecia indications for men of age 50 years is a substantial 50%, due to a greater age. Genes, hormones, and time are the main factors contributing to male pattern hair loss.

Excessive And Poor Scalp Hygiene

Like the poor scalp hygiene theory, the notion that excessive hair hygiene would preserve hair is also not true. The historical factor supports the idea mentioned earlier, i.e., Hair loss occurred in men before the concepts of shampooing and washing. Even after their introduction, the number of hair loss cases remained the same and even increased due to population. On the contrary, there is also no substantial evidence suggesting that frequent washing of hair has caused an increase in baldness cases.

Frequent Blow-Drying

The incorrect method of using a hairdryer can burn the hair and cause them to fall out. However, new hair generally grows from the follicles, replacing the burned hair, except the extreme cases. Try using it on the lowest setting if you are a frequent user to permanently avoid damaging your hair.


Stress could potentially lead to the problem of hair loss, but it is also perceived and believed generally that the already presence of male baldness genetics could only ensure hair loss with the factor of stress. The type of hair loss resulting from stress is different from the irreversible male pattern hair loss and is called telogen effluvium. 

What Makes Hair Systems, Toupees, And Wigs The Best Treatment Out There:

Non-invasive hair replacement is commonly known as a hair system and is sometimes referred to as a wig or hairpiece. Now, it will not be wrong to say that this is an archaic definition. Due to massive improvements in factors like adhesives (mainly glue and tape), diverse materials, different hair types, and unique construction, the advancement and sophistication of hair replacement systems exist. The guaranteed results coupled with limitless possibilities are the best features of a hair replacement system, while its customization with regard to the customer requirements is also what makes these true systems heroes! 

• Ease, Quickness, And Effectiveness

Hair replacement systems are efficient in producing quick and satisfying results. These systems don’t only offer convenience but also provide results in a few minutes. All you need is to find yourself a perfect hairpiece and find a suitable way to fix it on your head. The instant result is what makes these hair systems so popular among men. You don't have to wait months before you start seeing progress, and there is a 100% guarantee that it will work for you.

Even if you don’t like the final results, you can alter it, dye it, or just go with a completely different style!

• Natural Color

A replacement system offers realistic fake hair. For a natural look, you must choose a relatively natural shade. The hairpiece complimenting your rest of the hair must be preferred. Even if you have gone completely bald, the most efficient way is to take hints and guidance from your old pictures and figure out a matching shade along with the pattern of your hair. These little quirks will make your hair system realistic and make you feel comfortable while you are wearing it.

When it comes to hair systems, it doesn’t matter what causes hair loss. The only thing that matters is how quickly you acknowledge your hair fall and work towards an effective solution. Lavivid offers the best hair systems in the market right now. We prioritize our customers and make sure that all your needs are met. Visit our e-store at Laividhair.com and find the hairpiece that is made just for you!


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