What's the Benefit of Toupee Front Hairline?

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The toupee front hairline is arguably the biggest indicator of whether the toupee looks natural or fake. Toupees or headpieces are usually worn with the intention of creating a new look. For whatever reason you may be wearing a toupee, it will be important for you to put forward a realistic image. You could argue that the hairline of a headpiece offers the most clues as to whether it is real or not. An improperly fitted piece will immediately be noticeable to most onlookers.

How can you make it more natural?

The toupee’s front hairline is the most important, visually. It has to have a natural finish to present an image of a realistic-looking hairline. It is the part of the toupee which wearers usually feel most self-conscious about. Wearing a toupee or a head-piece is typically done for cosmetic reasons, to present an image of youth. This article will provide tips on how to get a natural-looking toupee hairline, as well as a general guide to wearing toupees.

For a natural front hairline, you can purchase a toupee with bleached knots. Knots are more visible with darker hair and look like little black dots. By bleaching the knots, these dots are less visible and the toupee will look more natural from the front. Another option is purchasing a toupee which has a PU base layer instead of a lace one. Pu is a see-through material made to resemble skin and is very discreet.

To make the hairline look realistic, it cannot look too perfect. With tweezers, you can carefully pluck away some of the strands at the front to make the hairline look more natural. When wearing the toupee, also make sure that the front is as close to the scalp as possible and not lifted.

How To Maintain Toupee Front Hairline

The maintenance of your toupee also plays a part in how realistic it will look. As the toupee is a repeated word, dirt and dust particles gather, especially at the front part of the toupee. This will prevent the toupee hairline from blending in with your actual skin. It is important to clean your toupee regularly without waiting for it to become dirty.

You can also use a knot sealer to preserve the natural look of your toupee front hairline. Knot sealer works by protecting the knots on lace foundation toupees, especially in areas that are often manipulated or exposed to the elements.

Along with knot sealer, use 99% Isopropyl alcohol which will remove any glue or residue, making it harder for dirt particles to stick on the hairline. Regular cleaning and protection will make it easier for you in the long run to maintain your hairpieces. When cleaning the toupee, especially around the hairline area, be gentle with the lace and focus on removing any adhesive.

Here are some pointers to ensure that your hairline looks as seamless and natural as possible:

Make sure that the toupee is fitted accurately to your head size. If not, this will cause wrinkles at the front.

Do not manipulate the toupee base too much. This can cause the lace to stretch, also resulting in improper fitting.

Make sure the toupee doesn’t sit too far back or too far forward. This will be immediately noticeable as it will look unnatural.

Find a toupee that fits all your personal requirements. Do you want to leave out some natural hair for a blended look? Get feedback on what toupee style fits your head shape. If you want a toupee front hairline that looks its best, you need to consider these factors.

The way you comb the toupee front hairline is also important. It is key here to not have the hairline combed too perfectly. Experiment with styling to see what suits your face and head shape specifically.

Above all, invest in a maintenance routine so that the toupee stays at its best for longer. Regularly cleanse any bonding glue, especially at the front of the toupee, as well as general upkeep of the toupee. Above all, invest in a good quality toupee which fits you properly so you will not have to go the extra mile to make it work.

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