What Leds to Hair Thinning in Male?

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The most natural process that everyone goes through is losing their hair at some stage of their life. A normal man loses 70 to 80 strands of hair in a day, but you might not normally notice the normal hair shedding because our hair constantly regenerates itself. But if you start noticing a more than usual amount of hair on your pillow or while taking a shower and you also notice visible thinning in hair, you might start worrying about going completely bald. 

Most men struggling with hair loss will notice a visible difference in their hairline when they are in their late 20s. If you are struggling with hair loss, the first few noticeable symptoms include thinning hair, fallen hair on your pillow, or sometimes even a changed reaction of your hair to brushing. This is when you need to start taking this seriously.

Who doesn't want to have a natural and thick head of hair forever, but thinning hair is a profoundly serious problem that almost every man struggles through in their everyday life? According to research, a few reasons could be causing your hair loss. Some of them are stress, trauma, medical issues, using too many chemicals, and, last but not least, alopecia.

Alopecia is a condition also known as male pattern baldness that causes hair to fall in a certain pattern and is incurable most of the time. If you start noticing hair loss from the front part of your head or specifically from the top, you might be suffering from this condition. The very first symptom of male pattern baldness is the thinning of hair, evenly spread, all across your head. In more severe conditions, some men even experience falling out of hair in patches and, this condition can cause severe stress and anxiety. If you go back in time, it can be safely said that there was no cure for this condition but, in this decade of innovations and technologies, the modern hair replacement system is the complete and ultimate men’s hair thinning treatment.

How Long Will It Take to Lose My Hair?

Contrary to that, a lot of young men and boys start experiencing this at an incredibly young age, and once it has started, it's only a matter of time before you develop bald patches or go completely bald. However, few factors can determine how severe this condition can get, for example, genetics, medical issues, and lifestyle.

Considering these factors, it can be concluded that this experience can be entirely different for every man out there. The critical aspect here is to acknowledge the fact that if you want a realistic and natural hairpiece that blends with your hair effortlessly, you need to consult a hair replacement specialist to make sure that your hairpiece is identical to the color and texture of your hair.

What Is A Hair System?

A hair system is known as modern wigs and toupees. It is headwear that is made by weaving human or synthetic hair into a base that can be made from different materials. This base can be positioned on your head with the help of adhesives or tapes specified for this purpose. A hair replacement system is undoubtedly the unsurpassed men’s hair thinning treatment because It will give you result instantly and boost your self-esteem.

Restore Your Confidence

If you are among the people who are going through severe hair loss, the first advice would be to keep calm. You mustn't put yourself under too much stress because it can trigger and worsen your situation. Comprehending the effect and losing your hair could be the most difficult challenge of your life but, putting yourself under too much stress will cause nothing but negative consequences. A lot of people second guess their wishes to follow through with treatment, but it is exceptionally critical to realize how important your looks can be in increasing the quality of your life. The way you look and feel about yourself radiates energy that affects your friends, family, and co-workers. Your hair loss can have disastrous effects on your social life and will make you want to hide in a hole and never come out.

After realizing how important hair can be in someone's life, many people go towards medications and other surgical procedures and are often left disappointed. These treatments are nothing but empty promises because no procedure in the world can make your natural hair grow back. The only treatment that is gaining popularity nowadays as a treatment and can guarantee no disappointment is hair replacement systems or hairpieces.

Hair fall or thinning hair can be a major concern for many men out there, and every other treatment for hair loss takes a lot of time, is expensive, and does not guarantee success. At Lavivid, we provide you with an instant solution for hair thinning, whether you want to go for a funky look or a natural, realistic, and professional appearance.

Understand that to choose the right hair replacement system for yourself, and you need to recognize and grasp some key factors like durability, hair loss condition, and, most importantly, your lifestyle. At Lavivid, we offer you the best professionally manufactured hairpieces suitable for thinning hair as well as every other hair loss condition. 


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