What Causes Thinning Hair on the Male Crown?

December 1, 2020

Thinning hair is among the conditions that men and women are likely to experience at some points in life. In most cases, thinning hair always causes loss of hair and with time, baldness will occur. In case you are experiencing thinning hair, especially on the male crown, it is the best time you act to prevent hair loss and baldness. However, it will be vital for you to act on this condition to develop the causes of the thinning hair condition you are experiencing. This will help you deal with the thinning hair and also ensure that you do not experience this condition again. The following are some of the reasons why you are experiencing the thinning hair men crown.

New medications

Whenever you are taking a new medication, you should expect to have so many body changes. Some of these changes include the change in the hair’s growth rate on your body and hair thinning. Some medications will lead to telogen effluvium hair loss, while others will lead to anagen effluvium hair loss. In case you realize you have a gradual hair loss, you need to notify your doctor.

Workout regimens

So many men spend most of their day in the gym than they spend at home. You are likely to experience thinning hair in your future life since you are pumping less iron in your body. Therefore, you have to ensure that you spend less time in the gym if you want to experience hair thinning.

Lack of iron

Iron is an essential component of your body. This is because it produces hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to your cells. If you have an iron deficiency, there is less hemoglobin production. this means that less oxygen reaches your cells. This is likely to mess the ability of your body, carrying out essential processes like hair growth. Instead, the already existing hair started to fall out, leading to hair thinning in the male crown. In case you are experiencing this condition, taking iron supplements or more protein can help you fix thinning hair. 

Clogged follicles

Every man will take a quick shower, and during this time, they have to wash and rinse their hair. However, some shampoo or hair product residues will remain on your scalp every time you wash and rinse your head. When the sebum produced by your body mixes with these residues, you will have clogged follicles. This will be one of the reasons that you are experiencing thinning hair. Using the right hair products and proper cleaning and rinsing can help fix this condition. 

Using the wrong hair products

In case you have started seeing hair clogging up your drain or falling when you comb or brush it, you may be using the wrong hair products. This will happen, mainly if you use these hair products daily or weekly. You have to ensure that you get hair products that will not prevent and fix this condition.

Hormone replacement therapy

Some men use hormone replacement therapy so that they can increase the levels of their testosterone. This can cause thinning hair since your body will be experiencing a shift in the hormonal balance.


Smoking is one of the common causes of thinning hair among so many men today. Although smoking has more severe effects, this is likely to be among the early effects you experience. Smoking will damage the hair follicle DNA, which causes issues on the tissues that remodel your hair. If you would like to keep your hair smart, you need to quit smoking. This will fix and end the thinning hair on the male crown condition you are experiencing.

Lack of sleep

This is one thing that you will least expect to cause the thinning hair condition you are experiencing. The fact is that when you do not get enough sleep, you put your body into distress, meaning that your follicles will become as distressed and exhausted as your body is.

This will lead to thinning hair without any compromise.


This is among the main causes of thinning hair in men for the thinning hair men crown. It is what brings about baldness in most men, despite their ages or other conditions. That is the cause of thinning hair on the male crown.