Many of our customers ask us that can I swim with the toupee on? I work out a lot. Can I exercise having the hair system on without falling off? The answer is yes if you bond the hair system correctly. Today we are going to talk about a very important product that ensures a correct bonding for you. It is Scalp Protector.

What is Scalp Protector for?

Scalp protector by Walker Tape forms a protective barrier between your skin and the tape or glue to prevent your scalp from irritation. Also, this thin barrier prevents oil or sweat from getting out to break the bond. If you live in a hot or humid climate or have oily or sweaty skin, or swim a lot, be sure to apply a thin layer of scalp protector before you apply glue or tape onto your scalp. So that you can live your active life with no worries.

It is skin safe. However, if you have sensitive skin, please be sure do a allergic test before applying it onto your scalp to prevent accidents

How to use it?

Apply it directly onto your scalp after cleaning, dab it on and try to not squeeze the bottle or you will get more than you were wanting! Let it dry until it’s not tacky to the touch. 

Which should I pick? Standard Scalp Protector or Scalp Protector Thick?

Walker has two scalp protectors for your choice and they are Standard Scalp Protector or Scalp Protector Thick. The difference between these two is that if you are going for a hold time of not more than a week, then you can go with standard version Scalp protector. While if you are going for hold times over a week, youve got to use Scalp Protector Thick.  

This is all about Walker Scalp Protector. Still have questions? Feel free to contact us by We are very willing to help you.