How to Solve the Losing Hair Crown Male?

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Are you a losing hair crown male? Hair loss for males occurs either on the temples or crown or both parts of the head. The hair loss issue might starts at the temples first for most of the males and then it proceeds to the crown part. For some males, the crown part of the head might be affected earlier. This issue makes males completely bald after some time. To cope with the hair loss or hair receding crown male has to get some solutions immediately. Do you have the issues on your head? If so, what is your solution you come across? Does the solution serve the purpose?

Losing hair crown male

If you experience severe hair loss in your crown part then you can assume that you are suffering from male pattern baldness. Normal hair loss is entirely different from male pattern baldness if you closely observe. Yes, normal hair loss might not occur for a long period of time but male pattern baldness starts first at the temple or crown part of the head of an individual. Thinning of hair is the major symptom of hair loss and hence you need to act quickly. Crown baldness might start from the back of the head to the top portion for some males. Crowd thinning symptom has to be addressed immediately for effective results. 

Why men lose hair in the crown region?

Losing hair crown male is the issue of many customers across the globe. The noticeable thinning of hair on your crown region starts usually in the middle age of the customers. Even some young people are affected so early in their life due to male pattern baldness. Crown balding is a specific bald type, unlike other bald types that usually occur in men. The Crown region is majorly affected by DHT which means that follicles are affected badly. Hence, the hair on the crown region starts falling easily as long as the DHT stops its action. The crown region is a predominant area on the head that gets affected easily to become partially bald.

Crown baldness may lead to complete baldness than the temple

Many males go bald completely if the hair fall starts on the crown region. This is a common scene that we see in our life especially males. In case the hair fall starts at the temple part the male can undergo only partial baldness mostly. So, crown balding is a difficult task to get solved, and hence treatment has to be started earlier for the customers who have thinning hair on the crown. Bald spots might be increasing or remain constant in size in the crown region of males.

What about hair regrowth on crown balding males?

The losing hair crown male issue gets worsened as long as the DTH acts on the follicle. In case the follicle on the crown area remains intact then the possibility of hair regrowth is possible to males. The experts in the medical field or hair industry are confirming the same for the males if they long for hair regrowth.

What are the possible solutions for losing hair crown male?

The possible solutions available for the males who suffer from crown balding are

Oral medications- In this case, Finasteride is the most applicable drug for bald customers. This drug stops hair loss further and also helps in hair regrowth

Topical medication- In this category, Minoxidil gives the expected solutions to balding customers. It should be applied topically for effective results

Herbal supplements - androgenetic alopecia is a common issue in males that deactivates the hair follicles heavily. To stop the follicles from acting, herbal supplements are found good to stop the nuisance of hair falling. Saw palmetto is the herb supplement available to the balding customers over the counter

Plasma injections- A promising procedure for hair regrowth and stopping hair fall is plasma injection which a professional call PRP. This procedure exactly copes with the demand of crown balding customers. 


The males who have crown balding can take a healthy food diet to stop hair loss. Consuming fresh vegetables, fruits and eggs can decrease the rate of hair fall. Crown balding may occur silently and you might come to know after some amount of hair is lost. 


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