The Introduction of Hair Loss Treatment Canada

June 28, 2021

As a large number of people who suffer from hair loss want to know what is hair loss treatment Canada, it is high time for people to know more about the problem of hair loss. Though Canada is a bit far away from China, the citizens in the two countries will suffer from the same problem. As human beings are all the same, we have to experience the aging process and during this process, we will come across many different occasions. 

At present, the competition in different industries as well as in different countries has become more and more fierce. Individuals have to be very hard-working so as to lead a good living and gain a satisfactory status. Thus, they have to tolerate a lot of pressure which will do harm to their health. Unduly pressure is only one reason for hair loss which has plenty of different causes. That’s to say, though you think you are relaxed and without much pressure, you also will suffer from hair loss. 

In order to treat hair loss, there are also a lot of methods. Hence, not all of them are effective so that a large number of people still suffer from hair loss after they have taken measures to deal with it. If you ask me, hair implantation might be a choice for plenty of people as they think it is more effective and can sustain for a long time. 

What’s more, some people choose to wear hair toupee to disguise themselves. In China, more people tend to ask traditional Chinese medicine for help and it turns out to be a good result because they think traditional methods can be more reliable to some extent especially for older people. While in Canada, citizens may prefer hair implanting operation for hair loss treatment Canada. 

To be honest, hair implanting operation, in fact, is to transplant the hair of the superior area where the hair will not lose a lot to the hair loss area. But we should pay attention to the that the survival rate of hair implantation is so high. Even if every hair is alive, hair implantation can not increase the total number of hair nor can it reverse the process of hair loss. That’s to say, hair implanting is just moving hair from one place to another. 

More importantly, after the hair transplanting, you will have hair as much as before you experience the operation. The total amount of hair is not increased, but the hair that will lose at first will still shed with time passing by. What a tragedy it is! In addition, you must be aware that different doctor will give you different advice and their skills are also varied from person to person. If you really want to do this surgery, you should turn to a skilled doctor for help. 

At present, there are just two kinds of hair implantation methods that have been internationally recognized: FUT and FUE. The difference is that the hair extraction methods of the superior areas are different. FUT is to cut a whole strip of scalp, and then separate the scalp strip into a single transplantation unit While FUE is to use more professional tools to drill holes in the scalp and extract individual transplantation units directly. 

There are four steps in hair implantation: design, extraction, drilling, and implantation. These two kinds of operation except extraction, other steps are basically the same. What’s more, the effect of hair implantation is basically the same. Therefore, you can not definitely determine which one is better. Comparatively speaking, FUT is more suitable for those who are short of hair resources and have a flabby scalp, while FUE can save more human resources and time. 

However, you should be very careful to determine whether you want to implant hair or not because your hair resource is limited when you use it up, you can not choose this method to treat hair loss. More significantly, what kind of surgery is more suitable for a specific patient should be according to your specific situation combined with the doctor’s advice to decide. 

As different region has different habits and customs, you do not need to adapt to other people’s choice. Furthermore, hair loss treatment Canada is also improving so that I am confident that there will be an efficient way to deal with hair loss.