The Introduce of Toupee Hair Wig and Different Types of It

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TOUPEE HAIR WIG is a hairpiece that is an artificial hair covering placed on the head to give a natural hair look. A wig, toupee, hair extensions, fringes, etc., are forms of the hairpiece. Who doesn’t wish to have a head full of hair? When looking for artificial ways of enhancing your hair and hairstyle, a wig or a toupee comes in handy.


Wigs are a hairpiece made to sit on the existing hair or bald head to change your overall hair look. Currently, it has become a hair accessory, while toupees are made for men to mask their lack of hair.

Hair systems have become so advanced with new technology they cannot be recognised as artificial at all. If one puts natural hair and artificial hair next to each other, telling the difference would be a very hard task. These hair systems can be worn consistently with the aid of tape or glue.


lace front

LACE FRONT -These are designed to display the scalp below the lace. The lace is so fine that it disappears as soon as it is placed on the skin, making it appear like a hairline that blends naturally. This wig has a hand-tied back and a monofilament top. These wigs offer secure, comfortable, and natural-looking hair replacement. These wigs are breathable, light, and right for humid weather. It is suitable for an active lifestyle. The hairline density is transitional, giving an illusion of natural hair. Check out the Full Swiss Helios Hair system for an active lifestyle for Bald men

MONOFILAMENT BASED-These types of wigs are natural and breathable. These wigs create a realistic parting with a flesh-toned top. These wigs appear realistic and strong. The monofilament material is durable and sturdy than skin or lace bases. The monofilament base is built with skin on sides, perimeter, and back. These wigs balance between natural look and durability. Check out Fine mono versatile hairpieces right for wedding

SKIN HAIR SYSTEM-Skin hair systems provide the most blending look with their skin base. They blend with your skin effortlessly. The skin bases are ultra-thin with sturdiness and longevity. Check out Super Thin Mirage Men’s Toupee

MACHINE WEFT-These wigs are on the cheaper side as compared to monofilament wigs. These are generally heavier than their contemporaries. However, they are stylish and made of the same fibre quality as the others.

HAND-TIED-These wigs are light in weight and soft lined. They are quite flexible with hand-tied back and monofilament top.

CUSTOM MADE OR PARTIAL-These wigs are customized to your head size, hair density, hair type, crown size, hair length, parting, and other personal requirements. A template is made ideal for your head based on these requirements. This is best when other types of wigs are not suitable for you, or you are looking for a personal mould with only certain hair portions to be covered. These wigs blend into your natural hair and are fitted to a suitable base to keep in place.

SUCTION OR DERMATITE-These are anti-slippery wigs that suction hold of monofilament base. This grips your scalp with suction and not with elastic tape or glue. Lace front wigs can be made as Suction wigs.

HUMAN HAIR-Human haired wigs are original and provide the natural, elegant look to your face. It’s real hair.

MODACRYLIC FIBRE-These synthetic wigs have fibres that retain the shape with a wash or after drenched in the rain. No rollers or strengtheners are needed and there is no fading of colour.


* Wig’s circumference can be loosened or tightened with the help of adjustable elastics.
* Wig lining is locked with snap-lock combs into your natural hair with the help of a secure attachment.
* Toupee tape is double-sided that is placed in regions of hair-lacking places on the scalp. This aids in sticking to wig lining on one side and to the scalp on the other for a Toupee hair wig. Check out 3 yards Toupee Tape-Ultra Hold for long bonding time
* Soft netting wig liners cover the scalp offering a base for the wig to stick to.
* For suction wigs, there is no requirement of the base for hold.


Any hairpiece, be it a toupee or a wig, varies in weight, density, colour, size, or base. Depending on your hair condition, your lifestyle, head size, circumference, and amount of hair loss, wig type is chosen. Ultimately, TOUPEE HAIR WIG is meant to give a seamless blend to your hair look.


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