How Do Partial Hairpiece Work for the Hair Loss?

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Should I choose a partial hairpiece or a wig? If you notice the first signs of baldness, buying a wig is too early and will have you waste much money, while a partial hair piece is just exactly what you need for the first stages of getting bald. A partial hair piece is made to fight against what it is called spot baldness. When you have this condition, the hair in special areas of your scalp falls down or gets thinner. In this way, you have hair in some areas, while in other areas you are bald. This not always looks good, so many men choose to apply a hair piece, without waiting until medications will show the first results.

The advantages of getting a partial hair system

Partial hair pieces, which are also called toupees, have a range of advantages that persuade many men to give up on full-head wigs. First of all, a toupee is cheaper than a wig. It is obvious if taking a look at the size of a toupee comparing to the size of a wig. Partial hair pieces are smaller which leads us to the next advantage - easy application. While the wig application process can be long and tedious, applying a toupee is easier, since you work only with a single area of your scalp. 

Being small in size, a local hairpiece is also easier to take care of. You put less effort to apply and remove it and spend less money on maintenance products. Check out the pros and cons of a partial hair system below to decide whether or not it is a product worth investing in.


- Cheaper

- Easy application/removal

- Less mess and residue

- Effortless maintenance


- Risk of unnatural blending with your natural hair

- Shorter hold time

What kind of partial hair systems should I choose?

Before buying a toupee, every man should be aware of which area of his scalp is affected by baldness and choose the appropriate hair piece. Luckily, the choice is not going to be difficult, because the three most popular types of spot baldness occur in the scalp's crown, top and front areas. This is why there are three types of partial hair systems that are most commonly used among bald men.

If you start running short of crown hair, you would need a crown toupee that imitates the men's scalp in the crown area. If you suffer from baldness in the front area of your scalp, your best choice would be a frontal piece that comes to cover the awkward lack of hair. If the top of your scalp is bald, you would be glad to cover it with a top hair piece.

Are there any general tips and rules for applying a partial wig?

Well, applying a partial hair piece is not rocket science. There is no specific knowledge and skill you should master to set the piece in the right place. Still, there are some basic rules that you need to follow to ensure that the piece is secured well and blends accurately and naturally with your own hair. Here they are:

1. More glue does not mean stronger hold

If your hair piece is applied using glue, keep in mind that putting a lot of glue on the base will only lead to more mess and have you spend additional time on removing the excess adhesive. Apply an optimal amount of glue so that after you press down, the excess liquid does not burst out, having you clean up.

2. Precision plays a huge role

Remember that you have to deal with a foreign object that is applied on your scalp that still has some natural hair on it. This is why you have to do your best to make the toupee blend as accurately as possible with your own hair. If you go an inch aside, you risk to get empty spaces between your natural hair and toupee, which will look awful.

To prevent getting a failed blending, you are recommended to draw a line prior to application that you will have to follow while applying the frontal piece. This will ensure that you get a seamless connection.     

3. The color of the toupee should be identical to the color of your hair

Color plays also a big role in ensuring a natural blending. Be sure that the color of the hair piece corresponds ideally with the color of your hair. In this way, hardly anyone will notice that you wear an artificial hair piece.  


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