The Introduce of Wig Extensions

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One of the most common questions people ask with regards to wigs is "What are wig extensions?" Well, to tell you the truth, there is no such thing. You either buy a wig or you buy hair extensions. Wigs do not come with their own extensions, and it isn't very common for someone to wear both a wig and hair extensions, in case you were wondering that.

However, if you feel that you do not achieve the volume or length that you desire from a wig alone, or perhaps you would like to have a more layered appearance, then adding a few extensions to your wig is most definitely possible.


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Before we define it, you first need to know what a wig is. A wig is a covering of real or artificial hair to conceal any baldness. Hair extensions are only portions of hair, whether real or artificial, that you add to your existing hair. Extensions are usually added to give your appearance a bit more volume or to make it look as if your hair is longer than it actually is.

In the event that a person experiences hair loss at the top of the head where it is very visible, they may opt-in for a wig as it will cover all the bald spots. Hair extensions are usually added beneath the natural hair so as to keep it hidden that you needed a little extra help to get the volume and thickness that you wanted.

In the event that a wig is not satisfactory, you may try adding some hair extensions to the wig the same way you would add it to your natural hair. Some people who wear wigs deiced to add extensions for a more fashionable look, as hair extensions of different colors can be added as a form of highlights. This is actually a very clever idea because then you wouldn't have to spend plenty of money on hair dye products.


What you will need: your wig, hair extensions that match the color and texture of the wig, large hair clips, hairbrush, and fine-toothed comb.

Firstly, brush the hair on the wig gently to make sure none of the hair strands are tangled. Then divide a small section at the lower back part near the neck area using a fine-toothed comb. Clip the rest of the hair on top to get it out of the way.

Add some of the hair extensions onto the divided sections, carefully clipping it onto the hair. Try to clip it as close to the roots, or the lace holding the hair as possible. Once the extension is secure, divide another section of hair just an inch from the first section then repeat the process.

Repeat the process of dividing and adding hair extensions until you are satisfied with the appearance. Extensions can also be added to the side for the sake of evening the volume or length all around the wig.

TIP: Gently brush the extensions to remove any knots and tangles before clipping them onto the wig. Also, you should very gently brush the completed ensemble in order to blend the hairs from the wig and the extensions together so that they cannot easily be distinguished. Do not pull too hard as too much force can pull the extensions right off. If an extension doesn't feel secure when you clip it on, try clipping it onto a thicker lump of hair, or teasing the roots a bit in order to get a better grip.


If you are planning to alter your wig yourself, and you want to make the added volume or length a more permanent addition, then you may decide to use glue to add the hair extensions instead of the clip-on types. There are plenty of wig glues available on the market to aid you.

If you use glue, you should be very careful in doing so. Glue can get a bit messy, and if you are not careful, you may end up ruining both the wig and hair extensions with clumps of hair that are stuck together. Take your time and don't use too much glue at once.

Wig extensions may not be as popular as its counterparts, but it is a clever way to customize your wig.


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