What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Wig Clips?

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When it comes to securing a hair system, you can choose either glue, tapes or toupee clips. In this article, we will dive into the topic of the clip and reveal all pros and cons that come along with this type of grip and other aspects that might be interesting for those that still don't know which type to choose.

What are the toupee clips?

Clips help attach a hairpiece onto a partially bald head. They are inserted into the existing hair to help the toupee get secured. Clips can be used only with scalps that have hair on them. This is why this adherence method is the choice of people who suffer from spot baldness or temporary hair loss. Now that you already know what clips are, we invite you to take a look at their pros and cons.


1. Integrated into the wig

Clips are the only adherence mechanism that is already integrated into the wig. Hence, its price is included in the wig's price. This allows you not to spend additional money on other bonding tools, such as glue and tapes, which you need to do with hairpieces that don't use clips.  

2. No preparation   

Toupee clips do not require any preparation work before proceeding with the toupee application. By contrast, other adhering materials require taking some prior steps to become ready for application. For example, in the case of tapes, you have to peel off the protective layer, apply the tapes on the base, and only then apply the base on the scalp. With glues, you also waste time on applying and spreading the glue on the scalp and wig.

Moreover, you will have to wait some minutes for the adhesive to dry. Luckily, with clips, you just need to take the toupee and attach it right away by stabbing the clips into the existing hair.

3. Not messy

Since clips are made of plastic, there is simply no way they can leave residues or dirt. It makes you forget about any post-removal clean-up, which often happens with adhesives that leave dry marks on the wig base.

4. Endless use

While the bond provided by glues and tapes gets weaker and weaker with each day, clips are ready to last an eternity, keeping the wig in place. Being made of plastic, clips are not affected by sweaty and oily scalp. They may require replacement only if you accidentally break them.


1. Weak hold

In spite of having a longer lifespan, clips provide a weaker hold than glue and tapes, which can make the wig slip off or fall off when brushing or walking against a strong wind. It may have you use them in combination with other adhering materials to achieve a decent hold power.

2. The less hair the weaker the grip

The grip provided by clips depends directly on the amount of hair you have on the scalp. If you suffer from constant hair loss, the grip will get weaker steadily due to the fallen hairs that the clips used to be stabbed into. As you are left with less and less hair, you are recommended to combine the clips with glue or tape to reinforce the grip and prevent embarrassing situations.  

3. Can pull the hair out

If you suffer from hair thinning and your hair is poorly kept in place, the toupee clips may pull out the sensitive hair. In this case, you are better off giving up on clips, as you should expect from them only to speed up your hair loss. Instead, you may use glue or tapes that will secure your wig, while keeping your remaining hair in safety.  

Why should I choose clips?

There are some pointers that suggest that wig clips are the best grip option for you. First of all, if you suffer from partial baldness, clips are your best bet because it is easy to attach them and they save you money, by being already integrated into the wig. If you have little hair on your scalp, you need to go with glue or tapes, because clips will provide you with a weak grip. Also, if you are not a fan of messy application or removal and hate wasting time on long applications, clips are your best buddy. 


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