What You Should Know about Male Crown Balding?

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Male crown balding, also called "androgenic alopecia" is simply a type of hair loss in men, it really is the most common type of hair loss. 

Currently, very few men are aware of the damage that can be caused by androgenic alopecia. According to the National Library of Medicine in the United States (NLM), more than 50 percent of men over the age of 50 will be affected by this type of baldness. 

So, it's important that you know all the details of this "disease" because it's very common. And baldness could definitely ruin your look and your hair. 

However, there are many treatments today that can prevent men from developing this type of baldness. Below we will explain in detail everything related to male crown balding.

1. What causes male crown balding?

It is necessary to highlight that the main cause is undoubtedly genetics. But also, simply having a family history of baldness. 

Several investigations have concluded that this type of problem is directly related to the male sex hormones called androgens. Even androgen has several functions, including the control of hair growth.

It is also important to remember that each hair has a growth cycle. And after that cycle is over, the hair will fall out of your head.

Male crown balding usually has no side effects and is not even a threat. But, sometimes hair loss has serious causes, such as certain cancers, some medications, and thyroid problems.


Actually, the diagnosis is not a problem. Because male crown balding is a very common problem in men, so the diagnosis is simple. 

Mainly, the diagnosis is based on detailed observation. However, on other occasions, the clinical history is also part of the diagnosis. 

The diagnosis is essential because it is necessary to rule out other diseases and even other types of alopecia, for example, alopecia areata, scarring and caused by some drugs.

You must also take into account that if the hair loss starts in the temples or in the crown area. So, it is possible that you have male crown baldness.

3. Can this type of male baldness be prevented?

Despite various medical researches. Nowadays it is not possible to effectively prevent it. 

However, there is a theory that stress can cause loss. Mainly, because stress has the ability to stimulate the production of male sex hormones. 

So, if you normally spend most of your day stressed, you have a higher risk of suffering from this disease. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid stress by participating in relaxing activities, such as walking, listening to relaxing music, doing yoga, among other things... 

In addition, it is also necessary to emphasize that there are good treatments. Which helps prevent this type of baldness.

4. What are the best treatments and techniques to address hair loss?

As mentioned above, there are different treatments and techniques to address male crown balding. So that you can improve your appearance and hairstyle. 

Wigs or hairpieces

This is a great way for you to improve your appearance and hairstyle. Because without a doubt, hair loss greatly affects hairstyling and our appearance.

In addition, wigs can cover the area of your head that is affected by baldness. The best thing is that you can select different styles, colors and hairstyles. 

If you are looking for a more natural look, then you should choose colors, textures and wig styles that are similar to your natural hair. 


There are men who do not suffer from whole head hair loss. In these cases, it is very easy to hide the hair loss with a proper hairstyle. 

Simply ask your stylist for a creative haircut. This will help hide the baldness and improve your appearance.


Minoxidil is simply a topical treatment that must be carefully applied to the scalp. This treatment is ideal to prevent baldness, stimulate hair production, and improve hair health.

This is one of the best treatments. If you suffer from this type of problem, you should definitely consider this treatment.

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