How to Choose The Best Hair Highlight Ideas for Men?

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It is now clear that many people are looking for hair highlight ideas as these hairstyles have become very fashionable. The advantage of hair highlights is that they are easy to experiment with and also to get rid of. Although hair highlights will not give you a completely different look, they will help you look stunning by adding to your hairstyle's uniqueness. Guys have not been left behind when it comes to hair highlights. Men have now moved from the old dull colors such as brown to brighter hues such as red and blue.

What are the benefits of highlighting hair for men?

Apart from enriching the style of your hair, hair highlight designs add depth and texture to your natural hair color. By increasing the grit of your hair, hairstreaks bring out this great physical texture. Men with straight hair reap best from this benefit. Highlights have also been associated with the lightening of all hair lengths. Lastly, many shades can be used when highlighting hair enabling perfect matching to different face complexions.

Eight hair highlight ideas that you should give a try

*Ash-blonde- If you have hovered around apps such as Instagram or Pinterest recently, it is more likely that you have come across men with this hair highlighting design. With its ability to bring out a smoky look on long waxy hair, ash highlights have become the ultimate choice for many guys. If you want to transition to gray hair, ash streaks are the perfect solution to help you switch seamlessly.

*Caramel highlight- Regardless of your hair type, color and skin complexion, caramel highlights will give you a warm and complete look. Caramel highlights bring depth to your hair locks hence texture to your hair. Variations of caramel highlights include dark, golden and glossy honey.

*Blue and green- This combination sound crazy but it is one of the hair highlight ideas that pulls out a fantastic look on many men. Guys, especially with medium-sized hair, have started to turn to this hair highlight idea. To make this hairstyle look better, it is advisable to dye your hair green then highlight it with blue.

*Chocolate-Since chocolate matches almost all skin tones, it is the perfect highlight to try out first. This hair highlighting technique is also available in options such as spicy chocolate and raspberry tinted chocolate. This hair highlight reveals the natural beauty of men's hairstyles regardless of the texture.

*Brown- As with the chocolate highlights, neutral brown can perfectly match any skin tone. This hair streaking technique is common since your hair colorist only needs to lighten or darken the brown color to bring out eye-catching highlights. This technique looks soft and natural, especially for men with long hair.

*Golden- If your hair is brown rooted, a golden highlight is a perfect idea for your hair ends. Golden highlights bring out a flawless look, especially on long and wavy hairs. This streak makes the hair look shiny and fantastic.

*Front highlights- Also known as face-framing, highlighting on the front section of the head is one of the most popular hair highlight ideas. These highlights, when worn, boost confidence and also create a center of attraction for the guys. Luckily, any color can be used for front highlights, making it suitable for almost all skin tones. In the field of hair systems, highlighted frontal hairpieces are also available. An example on is the Zeus men's frontal hairpiece that goes for $89 only. (

*Peach streaks- This highlight is available in three distinct categories: light peach, medium peach and heavy or dark peach. The lighter highlight variations are for people with fair skin tone and light hair. These highlights tend to lean more on the orange peach. Medium peach highlights are recommended for men with dark hair while the heavy ones go best with darker skin tones.

Hair Highlight

If you feel that your hair is in the right texture and that your face is in a perfect complexion, then nothing should hold you back from trying these hair highlight ideas. In case you are looking for pre-highlighted hair replacement systems such as wigs, is the best online store. Here you will find not only budget-friendly hair systems but also pre-styling services to customize the hair systems to meet all your needs. Any questions please feel free to contact


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