What Are the Upsides and Downsides of Synthetic Hair Pieces?

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People who look for a wig have to choose between synthetic hair pieces and human hair wigs. The choice may seem difficult to many because each type of hair system has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article we'll explore the pros and cons of artificial hair systems, coming with a detailed analysis that will include also some typical questions that will help you understand whether or not a synthetic hair is what you need.


1. Styling is almost needless

It may come by surprise for many, but it is really so. Synthetic fiber is easier to style than natural human hair. To be more precise, you almost don't have to style it, because it retains its pre-set style perfectly. It is well known that after sleeping, wearing a tight headwear, or walking in rain or wind, the style of the hair tends to change its form and shape dramatically, having you restyle it, by washing, brushing and applying diverse maintenance products. It happens with natural hair, while synthetic hair returns to its initial style, having you not worry a second about restyling.

2. There are no limitations for color choosing

Synthetic fiber is dyed manually in any color possible. Whether it is red, violet, green or blue, all that one needs is the proper paint and the job is done. On the other hand, human hair is collected from more people, so finding sometimes many people with the same hair color is difficult and takes time, especially if it goes around unusual colors for hair dyeing, such as the above-mentioned ones.

3. Available for buyers on a tight budget

Artificial hair pieces are way cheaper than human hair wigs. It is so because the fiber production takes less time and effort than the process of collecting hair from people which also involves a payment for each hair owner which sets the price even higher. So if you have a tight budget, you can easily afford a synthetic wig.

4. Maintenance is hassle-free

Since the hair is synthetic, it hardly requires any maintenance. You will not have to deal with dandruff, greasy hair or dry hair, which are common occurrences with natural hair. You will just need to wash the wig after 7-8 years.


1. Blinding shine

Generally, synthetic hair pieces have an excess shine, which makes them look unusual and even awkward sometimes. To remove the shine, you will have to try a variety of methods, such as: applying talc powder or fabric softener.

2. Easy prey for heat

The biggest enemy of synthetic hair is heat. If you think of changing your hairstyle, using the straightener or curler might be a bad idea. Luckily, the first styling attempt is not likely to lead to visible negative results. But if you use those devices often, the heat will destroy your wig. 

3. Lasts less

The lifespan of an artificial hair piece is shorter than the lifespan of human hair. Being extremely vulnerable to heat and sunlight and being easier to tear while brushing or washing, synthetic hair comes to its end fast, requiring early replacement.

Now that you know the main pros and cons of synthetic wig, we invite you to answer some basic questions that will help you take a final well-informed decision on whether or not to buy an artificial hair piece. 

How often do I intend to wear the wig?

If you plan to wear the wig often, you are better off choosing a human hair wig that wears down slower and has a more natural look. Synthetic hair pieces are more compatible with short-term use. 

Why do I want to wear a wig?

If you want to wear a wig to fight against temporary hair loss, you would need to go with an artificial hair piece, as it is cheaper and has a short lifespan. However, if you suffer from chronic hair fall, your best bet will be a natural hair wig, because it is more durable and longer-lasting.

Now that you've become familiar with all aspects related to a synthetic hair piece, you are ready to make your choice. Explore this fabulous collection of hairpieces from Lavivid to choose the item that fits you best. The collection includes both synthetic and human hair wigs in a variety of styles, sizes and colors.  


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