Basic Knowledge about Hair Units for Men and Caring Tips

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Hair units for men are hair enhancement techniques developed by barbers and hairstylists are recent as 2016. As the name suggests, these are nits’ of hair fitted on men with bald hair spots of receding hairlines.

Hair is a great feature that enhances a person’s overall look. Besides, we all tend to feel good when we have good hair. Balding is a normal phenomenon that affects most men across the world. However, it is a dreaded nightmare when balding comes in your twenties or thirties. It makes grooming less attractive to men. But, there is a solution.

Some people have used the words an weave’ interchangeably with hair unit extensions. They are virtually the same. Although they are controversial, hair units for men help those with the ald-gene’ trait, or receding hairlines, to maintain their good looks. So, should you consider fitting a hair unit?

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What are Hair Units for Men?

Before you decide to go get a hair unit fitted, there are some things you need to know. First, there are different hair unit extensions. Some easily wash off, lasting a couple of days. And then there are hair units that last for years before they wear off. It all depends on the unit you have fitted on.

You will find most hair units for men affordable. For about $275 to $1000, you can get quality hair extensions. However, keep in mind, the more money it costs you, the longer the hair extension will last.

Hair units can be fitted using different ways. For instance, there are men-hair extensions that require mall operations.’ On the other hand, there are some units can easily be installed by an experienced barber. Should you decide to follow any route, please be aware of the person’s ability to correctly fit the hair unit.

Why Using a Hair unit is Good For You

Hair units for men serve plenty of advantages. They are a perfect solution for all men who suffer from either hair loss or baldness. They are convenient and non-invasive, making them the most reliable item to purchase. These are some of the advantages:

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Instant Results

Unlike surgical hair transplants, male hair units are instant. There is no wait time, and the fitting process is easy to execute.


If you are going for a surgical transplant, it will take a while before the unit wears off. Some surgical operations are usually irreversible. Hair units for men are the best bet as you can change the style as you so, please. They are temporary hence giving you the freedom to experiment with different styles.

Guaranteed Results

Unlike medication or surgical transplants, male hair units come with a certain degree of assurance. You are guaranteed the outcome that you paid for at all times. Medication and surgical operation are a huge gamble, and you can never be too sure.

Non-invasive hair solution


The most significant advantage of hair units for men is that its not intrusive. There are a lot of risks when it comes to surgery, and there is usually no need to put yourself on the line. You can easily avoid infection, long healing periods, and scarring if you opt for this method.

How to Take Care of The Hair Unit

If you want to maintain the quality and luster of your male hair unit, you will need to follow specific steps. You need to be vigilant if you want it to last long and still look new. Here are some of the tips:

When brushing your male hair unit, it is advisable to use a large-toothed comb. The bristles allow easy detangling and avoid unnecessary breakage. This ensures the piece remains voluminous.

As you brush your hair unit, ensure that you begin from the ends as you work your way to the roots. This is important as it prevents excessive shedding.

Do not shy away from cleaning your hairpiece. Shampooing hair units for men is easy; it is advisable to use sulfate-free shampoo. This is crucial as it prevents damage to the hair. Afterward, do not use a hair blow dryer. Always opt to air dry your hair on a mannequin or blot with a towel or T-shirt.


Hair units for men are a good option for young men who still have their best years in front of them. The best part is that there are hair units for all budgets. All you have to do is get a good barber or practitioner to help you fit your hair extension. The easy maintenance and longevity make hair units for men totally worth it.


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