How Many African American Toupees Available for You?

June 09, 2020 Hair Replacement for Men Views: 3035

For African Americans who are suffering from male pattern baldness, we also have several toupee options for you. Black people also have different hair texture patterns or curl patterns. Toupees in these textures are called Afro toupees.

Here at LaVivid, we can practically make any afro textures to match with your own hair. However, if you are looking for a stock toupee, we have four different pattern afro toupees.

6mm African American Toupee for Men


Here is our Nolan African American hair toupee for men. It is in 8''x10'' default size and can be cut into any size or shape you need. Nolan is in 6mm rod size curl and it comes with 3 kinds of bases including full french lace, full poly base and a combined base of lace and poly. Hair used is 100% Indian human hair. 

8mm Afro Toupee


Niles is afro curly toupee for black men in default size of 8''x10''. Xx is in 8mm rod size tight curl and it comes in 3 kinds of bases including full french lace, full poly base and a combined base of lace and poly. To apply an afro toupee, you need to take it to a hairstylist or a salon to get the hair trimmed and styled to match your existing hair.

10mm Black Men Toupee


This is our Owen afro curly hair replacement unit for African Americans. It is in a 10mm rod size curl. The french lace base is totally breathable and poly base attaches on the head very firmly. It is all hand made work and can be styled into the hot afro men hairstyles that you want.

12mm curly hair replacement for men

Oscar is a 12mm rod size curl hair replacement unit for men. It is made of pure Indian Remy human hair and it comes in 3 kinds of bases including full french lace, full poly base, and a combined base of lace and poly. You can use tape or glue to bond it on the scalp and it stays very firmly on the head. You can wear it for your daily life like shower, exercise, swimming, mountaineering,etc.

These are the 4 stock afro texture toupees that in LaVivid. If you cannot find a matched curl pattern here, please contact us by and our experts will provide a solution for you. Looking forward to your consult.


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