How to Use The Walker Extenda Bond Plus Strip Tape

July 14, 2020 Hair System Adhesives Views: 2379

Today we are going to introduce the detailed properties of Walker Extenda-Bond Plus strip tape. Extenda-Bond Plus is an acrylic based adhesive and it is super strong and super flexible. The liner is blue and white but the actual tape is clear. Today we are going to illustrate the Extenda bond plus in 4 aspects of Breathability, Hold time, Embedded fingerprint and Packaging.


As you can see, there are distinctive holes on the tape and this special design allows the scalp to breathe effectively. So for humid, hot weather or you sweat a lot, then this is a good choice. Also this makes it extremely comfortable to wear.

Hold Time

Extenda-bond plus belongs to maximum wear category of 2-4+ weeks, however, it is the longest lasting tape in this category. Depending on temperature, humidity, and body oils, they can last up to six weeks.

On the other hand, just because they’re usually the most tacky, they require more skill to apply.

Embedded Fingerprint

Extenda-bond plus features a fingerprint technology and this gives the tape a dull finish. So it wont shine through the hair system.

Packaging and Price

Extenda-Bond Plus has 100 pieces per box and the new box has been redesigned with a removable lid for salon use.

For individual customers, if you dont want to purchase 100 pieces at a time, we also offer several other options and you can purchase 10 pieces, 20 pieces, 50 pieces at a time. The price is $1.69 per piece and $138 for a whole box.

Extenda-Bond Plus Strip tape is developed from Extenda-Bond. One of the biggest breakthroughs with this new product is the tape does not break down as fast as the original. “People are reporting longer hold times,” says Shane, CEO of the company.

Here are all the properties of Extenda-Bond Plus strip tape. You can purchase several pieces when you order a hair system from Any more questions please feel free to contact us by And you can order it directly from the following link:


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