Men's Hair System Ventilation Methods and Differences

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Ventilation refers to the technique how the hair is attached into the toupee base. There are many ventilation methods for men's hair toupee. Depending on the type of process selected by the customer and the simulation effect that is expected to be achieved, the ventilation methods used are different. Understanding these common methods can help you know the products you send more professionally. quality.

There are several commonly used ventilation methods:

Single Split Knot

single split knot

This ventilation method is characterized by a more conformable hair root and easy combing. It is often used at the part where the hair of the system is connected to people’s own hair. The purpose is to hope that the hair of the system and people’s own hair can blend naturally. Even if wind blows or strenuous exercise will still make the connected part so obvious. It is a very practical ventilation technique. It is generally used at the "side-back-side" part. If this technique is used at the top or forehead, it will make the hair system looks rigid and inactive.

Single Flat Knot

single flat knot

The characteristic of the single flat knot method is that the knot is small.  If you don’t look closely, you can hardly see the root knot. This technique can create a look of natural hair growth. This method is mainly used to create an invisible hairline. If you cooperate this technique with invisible skin base technology, the effect is more ideal.

The drawbacks of this technique is that, if you bleach the knots, it will make the hair brittle. So if you comb it often, it is more likely to shed.


Double Split Knot

double split knot

This method is commonly used on the top of single-layer nets. It is characterized by good hair fixation, firm and not easy to fall off, good fluffy feeling, suitable for fluffy heavy hairstyles. Its disadvantage is that the knots are relatively large. If you look away, it is easy to see the roots of the hair. You cannot trim short hairstyles with hair systems with this technique, and the hairstyle can only be slightly longer.


Double Flat Knot

double flat knot

The double flat knot method is to add a single knot to the first single knot, which is equivalent to two single knots together. It is very strong and does not change directions easily. This technique is mainly used on the sides and back of a full head wig. Since people don’t want their hair in both sides and back become too puffy especial when they wake up in the morning. They want the hair in these areas to be quite tamed. That’s why this knot is used here.




This technique is mainly used in silicone bases or poly bases. With this technique, there is no knot at all. The hair is needled through the silicone and comes out on the other side just like a V shape. Then another layer of silicone is added on the other side to fix the hair root. This method is mainly used in hair whorl area or in the front hairline. Since it doesn’t create knots, so it created the most natural front hairline.


With lift injection method, each single hair is planted into the base. After the plant is done, another layer of silicone is applied on the hair root side to seal the roots. This technique requires longer time to finish and is more complicated than any other technique mentioned above, this is the reason why it is very popular in some country. Also the hair looks hundreds time natural than any other techniques. 

After learned the techniques for men's hair toupee, can you distinguish the techniques used in your hair toupee. If you want to know which hair system is used with which ventilation method in our hair products, feel free to contact us at Also we are very happy to help you pick one style that will best fit you. 


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