Use a White Highlighted Black Hair System to Get a Stunning Look

May 16, 2023 LaVivid News Views: 506

Are you sick of always having the same hairstyle? Do you wish to attempt a novel and thrilling thing? If so, a black hair system with white highlights can be the ideal choice for you! We'll discuss the advantages of a white-highlighted hair system and the reasons it's worthwhile in this piece.


A black hair system with white highlights on it is known as a white highlighted hair system. This results in a distinctive and fashionable appearance that will grab attention. The black hair is well contrasted by the white highlights, adding depth and texture.

lavivid white highlighted hair system

The adaptability of a white-highlighted hair system is one of its key advantages. You can wear it straight, curly, or wavy, among other ways. This enables you to alter your appearance and develop new styles in accordance with your emotions and the situation. The hair system may be cleaned and styled just like your natural hair, and it is very simple to maintain.


LaVivid Patrick White Highlighted Hair System

lavivid highlighted hair

Patrick uses a full skin base which measures 0.06-0.08mm thick. Hairline uses v-looping technique to offer a natural looking hairline while using single-knot technique for the rest of the base to make the hair system more durable.


Base comes in 8’’x10’’ and can be customized smaller to suit your needs. Density of Patrick is 100% medium light which works for most hair system wearers. 


The natural and realistic appearance of a white-highlighted hair system is another advantage. Our skilled stylists meticulously choose and style the best human hair available to guarantee that it is smooth, lustrous, and long-lasting. The gorgeous design made by our team of experts also incorporates white highlights all over the black hair, giving it a natural and genuine appearance.


A white highlighted black hair system, in conclusion, is a terrific investment that will bring you years of pleasure and flair. Anyone wishing to change up their appearance and highlight their inherent beauty will find it to be a top pick due to its adaptability, natural appearance, and high-quality materials. Order your white highlighted hair system right away if you're eager to experience the difference for yourself and try something new and interesting!


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